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Well. Maybe anthony masterson name. Bs analytics is gay. What do you got for me. Anthony offense and baseball. This season like resistance is futile. The league wide average is the lowest since nineteen sixty eight. you'll be the lowest nineteen seventy-two and of course strikeout totals or an all time high continuing a decades long trend. But what hit the news. This past week was the outing of a dirty little secret. The men on the mound possess the use of foreign substances on the baseball nord increase spin and movement and take a picture. The league average spin rate on his four seam fastball. This year about twenty three hundred. Rpm's basically what indians starter. Aaron savali records his four seamer getting hit a a two fifty four clip this year again about average then take the dodgers bid rate maven. Trevor bauer who's four seamer. Goes up there to clip of over twenty eight hundred rpm over a hundred thirty. Rpm's higher than the next closest pitcher in the league. His four seamer is hit at a one forty three mark this year. That's a big difference. Now garrett cole clayton kershaw and bauer among others saw significant decreases in spin rates in their first start since mlb's announcement on the crackdown bowers. I start in atlanta. On june fifth. For example saw his spin rate on his fastball. dip over two hundred rpm slower than his yearly average to date could be coincidence. Sure but you can bet stat heads. And the commissioner's office alike will be hitting up the baseball savant game. Feed on bauer star. touring forward. That was a big week in the big leagues is it fair and now from. Mlb bro dot com. Here's jay jr gamble the scrappy. San francisco giants have surged past the glitz and glam dodgers and the new bree padres in the nfl west standings given a division three teams. That could legitimately win a world series. Jr is if foul or fair to say that the nfl west is the best division in baseball fan. Pat is a foul. it's still be american league east. it's a dog fighting that division. I get it the padres other fancy new toy with tatt. He's junior and company and they're exciting and media. Can't stop talking. About how tattoos junior compares with the all time greats like hank aaron and babe ruth at this juncture young career. But we get it when the new girl comes into the school the head. Cheerleader isn't the most sought after anymore but she's still a one. Let's not forget. She just not getting the same attention. The american league east remains the only division in baseball with four of the five teams. Have breakfast over five hundred. Nobody's a slouch slouching that division and even the last place orioles the only team in the division with the losing record debts found after three california teams in the national league west. There's a significant drop oil to the arizona diamondbacks and colorado rockies who let's be his spokes did just both caught awful right now and once. They start unloading veterans later in the season. The basically be automatic ws for anybody that plays them especially the powerhouse teams within their division. So i'll say the best divisional racing baseball. Yes it's in the top heavy. Nfl west but the best division in baseball remains the american league east with the yankees are fourth-place the red sox blue jays and lashes. Al champion raise obviously will underrated entering the season. The beast division remains the least as it's been for some decades. Now give a take a few seasons. Take out the papers tried. It's time for trash. Talk twitter wing with your chance to trash anyone or anything in major league. Baseball are this week's trash comes from at the smack and he tweeted me. This are nuff already with aaron. Boone and the yankees. I can't watch my team. The yankees need to make a move boon or the gm cashman need to go. The bronx deserves better. I'm tired of watching this and quote that came from j. d. at the smack on twitter. And if you want your tweet read on trash. Talk can hit me up on twitter at rob parker f s one. When rob was a newspaper columnist he lived by this motto. If i'm writing i'm rippin. Let's bring in a writer. Broadcaster older new i now. Let's welcome in craig. Calcaterra formerly of nbc sports. But doing his own thing these days he has a daily newsletter called cup of coffee. And we're gonna talk baseball with craig. Hey craig thanks. Welcome to the podcast. Thanks for having me and no doubt of so many different things to talk about couple teams to pepper you about and find. Let's start in the al leased and the tampa bay rays. Who just i mean. They traded blake's now. Everybody thought they do the towel. And they went to the world series a year ago and here we are in june and there in first place game and a half ahead of the red sox going into wednesday kanesa this or they really this good. They are really this good and and that's the thing about the raise. You mentioned them getting rid of lake now yet. He mentioned him They they got rid of charlie morton. It doesn't matter what the raise their the enemy of the next man up kind of team in baseball. You don't see that baseball very often year about that footfall basketball but the razor definitely that way. the depth of that team is absolutely incredible Tyler glasnost future cy. Young winner as the starter. So they're not gonna miss flakes. No richhill forty one years old. They're getting a new level out of him this year And then the real. The real power of this team is the bullpen. They are always five or six guys. Eat in five or six guys who are better than the top two on half the teams in baseball and this year for the first time in a long time. They're getting a lot of often to. They're getting a lot of power. They're they're They're getting on base at probably the best in the league if not the best. They're definitely up near the top solid team. The strongest team. Top to bottom in the american league this move to the al central. We all know the white sox. They survived that little storm with tony. Larussa mercedes and clubhouse not feeling that great about larussa calling out the young player. But i want to talk about the minnesota twins and what has happened to them. Byron buxton is coming back for them but when he went out they went straight down to the bottom. They're in last place in the al central even below two detroit tigers who are rebuilding. What happened there craig. Just across the board failure You know the starting pitching did not come through. J happens in a disaster. Matt shoemaker has been an even bigger disaster. Those were a couple of guys that really needs to step up their ace. Jose burritos he. He's good but he's not where they need him to be right now. The bullpen has been terrible. They've also been extraordinarily unlucky their record extra inning games. I don't have it off the top of my head but it's like really really bad. I think they've won one expert game out of something like eight or nine lost a lot of one run games. If anything has gone wrong for this team it has and like you mentioned buxton. He is distraught. That stirs the drink there. And he's losing him for so long Makes this lineup so much. Easier to pitch you. That a huge huge problem for them They're going to be a seller at the deadline at this point. I don't think they're going to be able to dig out of this hole. You're going to see someone like nelson cruz on the market and Just retrench ear a lot of talents. They're going to be fine again next year. Probably i think.

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