New York Giants, Davis, MSN discussed on Wisconsin's Weekend Morning News


New York Giants have had a tough season as well. And MSN doing a Fisher today on an injury. That's I guess is supposed to be somewhat, you know, humorous, but not really I think it's rather unfortunate says the Green Bay the New York Giants only had to get through one more week without negative headlines. This according to MSN before their embarrassing two thousand eighteen season concluded they almost made it and they're gonna talk about unfortunately, Wookey rookie wide receiver to well. Davis was placed on the injured reserve list with dislocated kneecap which happened while he was dancing in the locker room. According to NFL networks in a report the injury Davis is season. And usually takes about six weeks to recover from the rookie appeared in seven games for the giants this season. With four receptions of forty yards. But was interesting as Davis was under after free agent of Bethune cookman, which was really very well known university who worked his way up from the practice squad. So even if the giants didn't have much to celebrate he certainly had come a long way and is developing as a professional ballplayer. And then and then this happens to him. Davis isn't the first NFL player to suffer an injury while dancing, and he won't be the last MSN reminding us that he can be thankful. He didn't what happened to Lamar Houston didn't happen to him this happening to Lamar back in twenty fourteen. And my recall these suffered a season ending AC L injury after celebrating a sack on the field in twenty fourteen. That's unfortunate. That's worked his way up from the taxi squad finally made it the lineup scored a few receptions, and then this hap- squad celebrating in the locker room. WTMJ news time now eight. Forty four time to check in with this WTMJ sports.

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