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Why like rocks a lot and to know that i'm assisting in building maps they should help people kind of like wow public schools are required by law to offer job training for students with disabilities but in reality there aren't many choices and programs are generally underfunded ryan's mom janine says she and ryan's father wondered where to turn for help your options a lot of times limited it's a struggle a lot of the programs that are out there prepare students for simple tasks like folding laundry or bagging groceries ryan stead richard says his son can bring a lot more to a workplace there's gotta be other programs out there other than just wash dishes right something that could possibly become career something that could fuel his interest ryan's passion anything to do with the outdoors so earlier this year when the car search turned about training opportunities at the geological survey the family jumped at the chance ryan's dad's still remembers the first day his son came home you walk through the door doors got a smile ear to ear and he goes you'll never believe what happened i got the hold a peaceful fault line and it six million years old how awesome is that and this is going to be a great place ryan is one of twelve students from three bay area school district's participating in a program called step up students volunteer usgs few times a week and receive a stipend from the state while just getting off the ground in california the program was pioneered at the surveys virginia office in two thousand twelve it proved so beneficial to students and scientists the agency decided to expand it which brings us to the story of kevin cam who's manager speak of him with reverence he's become legendary that's chris hammond who needs to step up program kevin struggles with speech but was brilliant in a project studying bird by gration did like the bird banding and also down some emails and bird banding is when researchers put little bracelets on the legs of birds on those bracelets is an email address so the public can help tracking.

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