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All boy. I'm nervous about this one. What time now. For dave vickers and the dnc on. What a one. Point five kgb. Dave you guys. Were paul paul paul paul paul. What are you nervous about asking. Fema san diego. That's what a game game right. Joe must grow the no hitter. Everybody watched but me. I was too busy watching. Lee i hit. I'll i'll never forgive myself for this. But i know i know but i'm going to test you my friends here on good morning san diego about famous san diego's. I'm going to read the the famous accomplishment. And you have to buzz in with your name. Paul paul paul paul paul and tell me who is the famous saying okay. Are you ready for this. Got it madison here. We go all right. This rapper grew up in spring valley and married one of the most famous divas ever madison madison. Nick cannon dad is a million point in madison winning nothing nicely fell down madison. Not a rapper. He's a rapper comedian. We're great city. They're trying to take away your million points already. You see when you're seamy valley. No one can win except for heat. I thought that headphones. I need graduated. High school was off to seattle to start his huge band of the nine hundred ninety s famous san diego's. That was as. I saw somebody in nevada. Yes yes dave dave grohl. That is the drama percent correct. I just got a text from. Eddie vetter who disagrees with an answer but whatever. That's one hundred points for paul paul paul paul paul here. We got next out. How did this mission bay. High school grad is best known for lap-dancing on the hoods of jaguars and not the god covered the coverdale girl. Or david coverdale whitesnake. Paul paul paul paul paul. The red headed chick. Modern day on guitar tori. I loved tawny. At least was in the ballpark rationalization bay. Emily you said mr. There's no way that they were going to beat you at this contest off. And he's right so much for the easy ones here. We go this. This lincoln high graduate when from usc. Then the raiders then the chiefs and then ohio war lord morning laura marcus allen. Laura data very impressed. That was a two million nicely. Done nicely here we go. She only has one golden globe. Most think it's too but it's only one. She won for the three musketeers. Who is famous actress. Paul paul netflix cello. Netflix cello is not even close enough. Shallow she might be for all. I know but that's not even close. Wow we're really not going to see. Not recall welsh from san. Oh a musketeer. That's even better two golden globe. I thought it was. I thought it was qatar. That was i read it wrong. Sorry dave should. We cut to dave scott interviewing child out on the street someplace at this point. We're going to continue to continue. We're going to continue here. We got okay sorry. He's the lead singer of queen coups. Nine yes lauren. The lead singer of queen's freddie mercury. Whose name isn't freddie is end of that question. He's the lead singer. Queen whose name is in freddie freddie. Think as english. Think he's from england which is not in san diego. San diego sustaining action. On the end of that mom's there's no way san diego's in england way. I drove on the right side of the road on the way to work today. Valley might be though that's allow. Who is it. it's adam. lambert adam. Lambert adam lambert all right. Here's one singer of queen. Yes he's the one who gave cats permission to wear hats. He's not a real doctor. Oh yes madison thing. that's right. That was a ten million point question for medicine. Nicely done here. We go there who say all the small things. True care. Truth brings madison madison. Play one eighty two. It was a fifty million point question. Madison well done your way during the day. One who used way too much hair gel in something about mary. Famous look laura cameron cameron diaz all. I was aria. Can't give you the points on that. One because paul gave it to you. I'm sorry paul described to me. I'm sorry i thought it was off. Mike i'm sorry sorry. A hundred million point question got disqualified. Thus you better. Why would take all my anger. Out on paul paul paul capital. His nickname is flying tomato. Who's that what famous san diego wall paul. Paul shown white john white. that's right. That was one hundred million points. Congratulations thank you lord. Are you even playing today. Negative ninety eight million rigged against off. Now you know how it feels. Every he's the reason so many kids are walking around with name. Atticus what famous. San diego is off paul l. pacino punching who start agosto remember pacino started pulling. I'm sorry it was gregory. Peck often confused with al pacino gregory. Sorry oh my god over yet. Here we go nine hundred eighty. She became the first woman in space. A famous san diego nor more in the was it. Sally ride sally ride. That's two points. Congratulations nicely dame's for the wapping two points complaining. Aside from an okay football career he shows promise as the guest host on jeopardy. Who's lawyer came way for. You could say your fan. But i know who it is to here in rochester. All new born. So you're going to split the points okay. it's to war. My goodness a hundred million congratulate painting a letter to the gaming commission. I'm the commissioner. So she's gonna host jeopardy next month after blossoming out of the marketing theory. Lauren my imbalance bialik. I'm sorry i was incorrect. Embolic is wrong as anyone else want. Buzz it show. I'm sorry pronounced it on the first track as the one this famous san diego and he's the one who gave us two. I'll be patty special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bangalore famous. Paul.

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