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On the d h and both leagues and a shot no shots all coming up next makes headlines for his play on the field two run homer for anthony rizzo in for his compassion off the up so grateful to the teachers the coaches and all the first responders he's a model of consistency play by rizzo in a gold glove winner he's come first baseman anthony rizzo and he's back for another year catch him tuesday's on cap in company on espn one thousand brought to you by lakeside bank tito's handmade vodka by mothers woodfield acura and loyola university chicago's graduate programs in the game of golf some rules are meant to be broken a foursome shouldn't be limited by numbers the community shouldn't be defined by clubhouse we are eighteen birdies an app that connects you to the gulf you've always wanted a place that welcomes players of all different strokes people who play with heart play for fun but are always willing to just pray and in eighteen birdies we also believe anyone can win not only will you be able to track your score the distance of your shots and connect with golfers just like you but you'll be automatically entered into eighteen birdies dream games for a chance to win a trip to all four majors next year including tickets to the master's and twenty nineteen download eighteen birdies today eighteen birdies welcome to your game to download the eighteen birdies now text putter to eight hundred eight hundred that's water to eight hundred eight hundred texts putter do eight hundred eight hundred internet providers promise small businesses a lot let's hear who really delivers.

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