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With Ancelotti. They look like they'd found their guy. Yeah, yeah, I don't want to kind of switch this to Everton because I don't want to remind Everton fans of what happened, but obviously for those who didn't follow it so much, but like he really plugged himself into the community a really difficult time, like during the pandemic. And a cop is done the same with Liverpool, you know, there was a great piece on the athletic. I think it was David ornstein, who was kind of detail and some stuff about this, and now him and his wife, ulla, in the pandemic, going around and dropping waitrose vouchers into NHS star. Amazing. Club referenced his wife or in the in the announcement video, and I thought it was quite sweet in a way because he said, you know, other wants to stay. What's that great line? How can we leave all these people in 2024? Yeah. How can we do this? And you see so much cold, hard, finance business, fuck this shit, I'm out of here, I'm gone. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And to see a manager and a family plug into the real kind of like emotional energy of a city, which I know people taunt because of the whole this means more stuff and all of this kind of shit. But it does, it does. But also I do think I do think there's a real sense of envy that goes with a lot of that because of all of us want to feel that connection to our football clubs. It's the bill shanks the bill shankly. He is. It's very much and it's absolutely that, yeah, yeah. I think that's why we're all as football fans, especially when we see our clubs are a commercial certain commercial level. We kind of fear that we won't ever get that again. And I think that's what Liverpool have done really, really well here. On the men's side, obviously, I hope that they know that their women's side has been promoted back into the WSL. I really hope that they actually invest in the women's side more. Because they really deserve it. I think also Klopp does really well on that stuff. He highlighted how poor that was from the club, not to invest in the women's side. He doesn't shy away from.

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