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Show. The city of Portland has gone completely off its rocker, the Portland city council is about to pass a resolution to acknowledge the city's history of white nationalism to announce the recent uptick in. Alright organizing in town and request training to educate city staff on the realities of white supremacy in Portland. Let's just recall antifa. Basically took over the city this year. They started directing traffic at various intersections and beating up people with whom they disagreed, according to Blair Stanbic who is a reporter for the Portland. Mercury. He tweets the council will vote on this resolutions announcing white nationalism. It's scheduled ninety minutes for the item. Nicole grant is introducing the Bill. She says white supremacy is woven into the fabric of Portland, Oregon past and present she says living as a black woman in Portland. I look over my shoulder more than I ever have in my life says this resolution puts it marked down for the city of Portland. Do not underestimate the impact of your words announcing white supremacy when doing so appears to be the exception. Well, there's a couple of other problems with this particular resolution, apparently it does actually call for it actually calls for something resembling free speech crackdowns. It's actually pretty wild. Apparently it promises to hold accountable. Those who abuse freedom of expression, and apparently gives Islam a special status. So good times over in Portland. Meanwhile, in Seattle things are similarly crazy. A council candidate apparently is now blaming white masculinity for a university of Washington death Jason rants over at mynorthwest dot com. A nineteen year old woman tragically died at the university of Washington after slipping on ice when it was later determined. She died from a blood clot in her lung. It didn't stop one Seattle city council member from blaming a mean page white masculinity. Then he used the death to fundraise for his campaign. But now here fuses to comment.

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