John Bolton, North Korea, Hillerman discussed on The Richard Eeds Show


Twenty three minutes friday afternoon sixty eight degrees and wendy edit close my window blowing to hands on the wheel put the burrito down on wall street today the dow down four hundred and twenty five point most of that in the last hour s and p five hundred went down fifty five points nasdaq or wind down hundred seventy four be worth week in two years from fears of trade wars and of fears of shooting war dad went down four hundred and twenty five points at a seven hundred points yesterday the dow sitting at twenty three thousand five hundred and thirty three the appointment or the nomination yesterday of john bolton to be the next national security adviser number three flynn mcmaster now bolton that is a deadly turned that is a scary turn of events i think even just the run of the mill republicans are going oh my god this is a guy who has advocated for using tactical nuclear weapons against iran guy with an itty finger this is a guy who i dunno somebody made a mad he's got like scores to settle he wants to settle scores with with iran with north korea anybody this guy is you know his solution is not diplomacy his solution is pull the trigger so on fears the feuding war trade wars dow tumbling today over four hundred over seven hundred yesterday the worst week in a couple of years guess coming up in the near future on monday and hillerman will be here she writes books joel albert's will be back on wednesday we'll talk about the wonderful lindsey theater the new executive director for swire will be here on wednesday i wrote wilson judge schafer's gonna come over he i guess he's running for re election he wants to come over and say hello he'll he'll he'll be here on thursday next week a week from tuesday dr bailey richard bailey he'll be back he is president of northern.

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