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This is you know we need to make her eat more actually we need to get or if she's not going to eat we're going to store fat for her turn this blood glucose that we can find right into fat and put it right in your belly and that's one of the biggest frustrations i do hear from gals i'm exercising all the time except that they're not eating properly they're not sleeping they're on their cell phones at night which disrupts sleep now this is an interesting connection which i may have talked about the blue light from our 'electronic gizmos i think we're all hip to this now so we know it hits the pie neil gland in the brain and it disrupts melatonin production melatonin the master sleep hormone so then what happens is that you're not sleeping properly and melatonin and cortisol the stress hormone are supposed to be in this perfect balance so it's kinda like dracula you know how dracula went back into his crypt at in when the light came up so melatonin supposed to be low and cortisol high in the morning cortisol supposed to go into its little at night and melatonin supposed to come up that gets reversed with this blue light and the other thing that happens is appetite hormones gremlin and leptin sound like two little l sound horrible horrible area they're going to come home we'll get chopped aac come and they they do get you they they get a totally reversed rumpelstiltskin so in is eight eight eight and grill and goes up up up of of an it's like you're hardwired to overeat it is telling you to overeat and your leptin the tells you to stop your full hey you're full stop eating it's not that you're a slob it's that you are hardwired to overeat right now because you're not sleeping and that's at whole connection between people who don't sleep well have weight problems.

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