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From NPR news in Washington, I'm Janine herbs. In the wake of a mass shooting in Virginia Beach, Virginia governor Ralph, nor them has set a date for a special legislative session to consider new gun control legislation, but has been paver of member station. W C V reports. It's not clear whether the session on July ninth will go, according to the democratic governors plan as an army doctor during the first Persian, Gulf war. Ralph Northam cared for soldiers wounded by guns. Now, as governor, he's asking the legislature to pass measures like universal background checks, and a ban on us all weapons. No-one no-one should go to work to school or to church wondering if they will come home. But there's no sign that the Republican controlled legislature, is any more likely to pass gun control education now than it was in two thousand and eight in the wake of a mass shooting at Virginia Tech, ultimately, it's the GOP leaders in the legislature, who get to set the agenda of the special session. They've said they'll use the time to focus on passing tough. Sentences for crimes involving firearms for NPR news. I'm Ben pager and Richmond university of Alabama is giving back a record, multimillion dollar contribution, including a portion. It has yet to receive NPR's, Debbie Elliott reports the school is refunding, the money because the source, it's top donor has called for a boycott over the state's strict new abortion ban. The university of Alabama board of trustees voted to return twenty six point five million dollars to Hugh Culverhouse junior of Florida investor. And lawyer is name will also be stripped from the law school Culverhouse, call on students around the country to boycott the campus after the state banned most abortions at any stage of pregnancy with no exceptions for cases of rape, or incest. Some sixty percent of Alabama students are from out of state university officials say the school had nothing to do with the abortion law, and that there was an ongoing dispute with Culverhouse over how his donation would be used Debbie Elliott and. NPR news. The Labor Department says US hiring slowed sharply last month as the Trump administration ratcheted up its trade war with China NPR's, Scott Horsely reports employers that are just seventy five thousand jobs in may. While the unemployment rate held steady at three point six percent, maize job growth was well below analyst expectations and marks a significant downshift from the two previous months. The Labor Department also said job growth in March, and April was lower than originally, reported ongoing trade tensions have led to considerable uncertainty among employers, especially in the trade sensitive manufacturing sector the much larger services sector also saw slowdown in may fewer than half as many service jobs were added last month as were the month before the weak jobs report will likely increase pressure on the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates expectations of a rate. Cut in the not too distant future that contributed to a rally on Wall Street this week, Scott Horsely, NPR news Washington, and you're listening to NPR news. Support for NPR comes from fifth generation inC maker of Tito's, handmade, vodka, founder, Tito beverage, his last name is beverage, you can't make this up discovered his passion by exploring what he loved to do and what he was good at eighty proved he does handmade vodkas distilled in bottled in Austin, Texas in many.

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