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And leave the drama for the race brought to you by the dollar general literacy from the seattle see off their first regular season game this week he might seems to me nine the calgary flames came the first nhl seem to play the ussr the texas rangers retired their first number nolan lives 34 this week six 1997 mark mcgwire's i i'm a disease cardinals for twenty six million dollars in his in sammy sosa the nsa fifty or more home runs in three consecutive years joining the smart seem as possible the news wbz news time four thirty 68 degrees in boston president trump speaking this afternoon about obama array of illiterate lucky of that it went over west been quite as destructive rid of the sea level it's going to play out over the next five or six hours we'll check our accu weather forecast the rhinos besser of boredom cbs hurricane erma continues to lash southwest florida with fierce winds and heavy rain it made a second landfall and marco island south of naples a short time ago as a category three with sustained winds up two hundred fifty miles an hour scott decker is in a high rise there and you open the door obviously you go in the lobby your alway the ducks in your goes up and down on the elevator no light there's no elevator note generator anything everything gone out acting homeland security secretary elaine do our major concern is power outages we expect widespread power outages throughout florida and not just in the path of dorm more than two million homes and businesses and florida are without power president trump is keeping tabs on the storm that just got back via the cabinet the cabinet every group is coordinated really well under the bad news is that this was some big monster cbs news special report i'm pam coulter wbz news time now is four thirty two and governor baker is authorized meema to deploy a threeperson emergency operations center team at a nineperson nursing.

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