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Democrats as you know, voted in contempt to hold AG bar in contempt because he refused to turn over the full unredacted Muller report, even though it would be illegal for him to turn over the full unredacted Muller report. And we've talked about the contempt vote against Eric Holder refused to turn over documents retaining too fast and furious. It was years before the documents were turned over and Republicans still don't believe all of them were turned over in that case that were seven teen House Democrats to join their public majority in two thousand twelve to hold then AG holder in criminal contempt. And by the way, a total of twenty one Democrats joined Republicans to hold him in civil contempt. At the time. The Obama DOJ said we don't intend to prosecute. Quote. The department will not bring the congressional contempt citation before grand jury or take any other action to prosecute the attorney general close quote, and because of that contempt vote Jerry Nadler walked out of the house. And now Democrats are demanding that Bill bar resigned. How many Democrats including those who voted to hold Eric Holder criminal contempt said he ought to resign. Exactly and rand Paul called out Adam Schiff on hypocr see patients, I think it's absurd. How about this? And think about this rand Paul was ridiculed by President Trump during the two thousand sixteen primary member that Trump turned to him during one of the debates and said now, there's a lot of subject material if I really wanted to do it referring to rand Paul didn't like each other. And now rand Paul is here. He is backing up the president. I told you the president has popularity within Republicans at a level. I've not seen ever maybe briefly when George Herbert Walker Bush benefit from ninety plus approval rating after the first Persian Gulf war. But for for a president to hold ninety one percent or so popularity within the Republican party. I haven't I've never seen that and rand Paul now is saying very positive things about his former rival. Patients. I think it's absurd. How about this charge from Democrats? You just heard it from Adam Schiff saying that the president's blanket, no is basically amounting to another kind of obstruction of Justice is it appropriate to completely stonewall congress across the board. Not only matters where they're getting the president's personal, finance, but also matters of policy like immigration and healthcare. I think the clip you played of atoms shift showed it accurately, he's a hypocrite. You know, he was against he was all for President Obama using executive privilege. And now he's against this president the bottom line is we spent thirty five million dollars investigating the president their conclusion was there was no underlying crime this whole convincing about oh. Well, maybe obstructed Justice to to try to hide it investigation about something. He didn't do this is served and remember even Bill marr when he had Adam Schiff on as a guest on his HBO show said look, this is going to be our big thing. We're going to nail him with the Mullery. You got nothing. And now, it just looked like you guys are stalking them American people know, it people gone to the corners on it. But it's important to remember that this was politically motivated from the very beginning from political document from the Hillary Clinton campaign, and that should be investigated because we cannot allow the incumbent party's to weaponize the intelligence communities despite Americans or on clinical candidates or potentially their donors. So there is a real danger to this, and it is a constitutional one. But the Democrats have it completely upside down about the contempt citation against Bill bar versus a contempt against Eric Holder. Adam Schiff scissor there are there are huge differences between the two there are categorical differences. I bump ministration made dozens of witnesses available to the congress provided by the way from the time. The documents were declined to the time they found him in contempt over two hundred days at. Pass because they're gonna go sheeting for the time. Bill barr. Few the turnover. The unredacted Muller report the time he was found in criminal founding contempt nineteen days you'd think maybe just maybe they're handling this a little differently that numerous thousands of documents as you just heard to the Republicans in congress, and yes, it made specific claims of privilege, but here the Trump administration has decided to say a blanket, no not any kind of oversight whatsoever. No witnesses. No documents. No, nothing. So the difference is that the Obama administration turned over lots of documents and. You of course, then turn over all of them. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been found in criminal contempt. But that's neither here nor there. Now, what about the business that Joe Biden's son did with Ukraine, Mr. Schiff? I don't know the circumstances in which he took the job, but it can say this visa, the Joe Biden, there's no evidence nor has there ever been any evidence that he was doing anything, but trying to get the Ukraine government to crack down on corruption. We're providing generous support Ukraine were providing defensive weapons to Ukraine, we want Ukraine to be successful in its conflict with Russia. But part of that is having a government that the people of Ukraine are willing to fight for and protect and they've had an endemic corruption problem. That's what Joe Biden was trying to address so going after his son is just a method of going after someone the prison believes is his most formidable opponent. So yes, let the president go after him, but don't seek the help of a foreign government in your election. And you know, if this isn't criminal and Bob Muller said he could not prove all the elements of. A crime. Then maybe we need to change the elements of that crime because we cannot make this the new norm that if you can't win an election on your own it's fine to seek help them appoint power. Well, then it would rand Paul said about Joe Biden's, son, Senator rand Paul the foreign relations committee Senator Paul thanks for joining us. This. Let me pick up where chairmanship looking good morning. We're chairmanship just left off right there that perhaps congress she consider making illegal to engage foreign governments foreign assistance in campaigns. You agree. Well, I think the American people will be shocked and dismayed to know. The Joe Biden's son was making fifty thousand dollars a month. Just a couple of months after he was dishonorably discharged from the military for drugs fifty thousand dollars a month. I think most Americans will be dismayed that the president's son was doing this while Joe Biden was actually lobbying to have this company. You know, go free prosecution monitor standing this is reported in the New York Times cho- Biden was asking the prosecutor layoff of the company that hundred Biden was working. For for fifty thousand dollars gets out of the tests now extraordinaire, that's not what that's not. What was reported? In fact, he was on an anti-corruption. Why should that's exactly what was reported? Yes. He got fifty thousand dollars a month right after his kicked out of the military. That's exactly true. Nobody disputes that fifty thousand dollars a month after you've kicked out of the military for drugs to advise this company in Ukraine..

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