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Thirty six eighty nine for your free author submission kit again eight hundred five zero one thirty six eighty nine i make my texassuperfood from fifty five raw vine ripened fruits and vegetables you you can see all 55 on texassuperfood dot com all very neutral that we will lead need onodera basis allah fifty pounds i mean that i've been on food i haven't been i'm dennis black join us on texassuperfood dot com texassuperfood dot com or call eight seven seven fifty five texas that's each of it's seven fifty five texas eight seven seven five five texas you're tuned anew newstalk eleven 88 at ninety six point nine at bell jackson's newstalk station and it's red eye radio eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine eight six six ninety red eye so we really are in the complete opposite place than we were in january now really has iron now all the foot think about this can you think of another supposedly political scandal in history that four almost for ten months was focused on one political parties presidential campaign right and ten months later is now completely reversed and focused on the other political campaign ended the investigators some of the investigators of the investigation yes that's where we are as i've try brits seriously is there any i've and i don't know if had some because they can went up but i don't know of any political scandal in history and like i said you and i the two idiots overnight back last march and april were saying wait a minute there's there're there seems to be more evidence here that the democrats did something wrong that's when the unmasking started coming out and we even got to the unmasking or brand the the pedestrian deal or anything like that i mean there's i it's just this this scandal is completely now going one hundred eighty breeze in the opposite direction.

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