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From NPR news in Washington I'm she Stevens president trump was conspicuously absent from meetings on climate change and bio diversity at the G. seven gathering that ended Monday in France as NPR sprinkling fit reports the trump administration aid represent the US at the meetings White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said the president had scheduled meetings with leaders of Germany in India so senior administration official attended in its place micro said trump back to leaders efforts to tackle the fires burning through an area of the Amazon which is twice the size of France you shouldn't interpret the American presidents absence Michael said the US are with us on bio diversity and on the Amazon initiative the seven leaders agreed to create a twenty million dollar emergency fund to help stop the forest fires president trump has been at odds with other G. seven leaders on climate change he announced US plans to pull out of the Paris climate accord in two thousand and seventeen Frank liked NPR news barrettes president trump says he's open to meeting with his Iranian counterpart to resolve the standoff over Tehran's nuclear program trump says progress can be made although it may take a while French president Emmanuel macron says he hopes the two leaders will meet in the coming weeks a chrome says G. seven leaders agree that Iran needs to meet its nuclear obligations maybe getting ready to launch a rocket into space and Pierce Jeff from feel reports on what would be Tehran's third launch attempt this year commercial satellite imagery from the company planet shows the launch pad it around imam Khomeini Space Center has gotten a fresh coat of paint as of August twenty fourth the pad is now bright blue together with other recent images showing lots of activity at the site around seems to be getting ready to launch something into space according to Dave Schmirler an analyst at the Middlebury institute we're getting close to a launch but exactly when that will happen I can't tell you if it happened it would be the third such launch attempt this year rockets launched in January and February both failed before reaching orbit the trump administration accuses Iran of using its space program to develop long range ballistic missiles Iran insists its intentions are peaceful Jeff from feeling peer news Washington Johnson and Johnson and its affiliates are preparing to appeal of five hundred seventy two million dollar court judgment a judge in Oklahoma ordered the drug company to pay that amount for aggressively marketing addicted to pain killers and understating the risks a large grass fire in Portland Oregon is threatening homes and businesses city Byron rescue lieutenant Richard Chapman says it's a wind driven blaze that's moving fast this is I believe a five alarm now which is going to be most.

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