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If he calls a piece plane that Bill of the century, then he understands that. It must be something that will be minimally accepted to the Palestinians. Otherwise, they will not be a deal. Okay. It will be called the deal of a century. But he will not come through. So I believe that always limited every stages now only a platform upon which he will then come to the Israeli side to say, okay, now, let's make a deal and these must be based on. Mutual concessions, and it will have to involve a painful painful concessions by the Israeli side alongside more or less. The plan that I've submitted to the Palestinians. I think that this is only possible plan. I think that the administration in America understands it, and ultimately they will try to push for it. And I hope that the government in Israel after the elections will be a good partner for such a plan in order to make peace because in my mind, this is very most important item on the national agenda of Israel and on the agenda of the Middle East in will change and Kylie the Middle East. I think the Palestinians are getting more and more ready for it. And I think that Mahmoud Abbas is a credible partner in spite of all the criticism leveled against him by these rarely spokesman, and I think. That we can make peace and it will change the Middle East. And who knows maybe the president of the United States who seem to have been the most unlikely president to push for it will eventually be the one that will convince the two sides to conclude what has started by me and Dr bass ten years ago. Well, obviously everybody looks forward to peace in your region. But you know, it may be that prime minister Netanyahu continues to be prime minister while he's potentially fighting charges. If this indictment is brought down. He would if he won the next election be the longest serving prime.

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