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They called it. Ni- i didn't pull the actual speeches made by the investors. But i you know. Maybe i could throw that together and make that available for you guys but all of this is out on youtube anyway if you wanna if you wanna look for it. It's just that it was like you know seven hours long right and a seven times too so fourteen hours between a couple of days right so i only focused on the first day. Because i've seen him. That's when most of the leaders gave their prepared speeches right in presentations so so we'll provide comments along the way so encourage that from you as well brother right if anything it strikes your fancy and So i up and right out of the gate. We're going to hit this. Hard is a young climate activists from mexico. Her name is Shia bastida who really has a message for the entire world now. There is a long lead up on this But i think it was important included So the person who introduced her Was speaking about all of her credentials. If you all the things that she's worked on so i included that as well. This is Almost ten minutes long first clips. I know it's long so you know. Grab your favorite beverage is my brother says and And have listened to what this this young person Who i'm very proud of her message to the world. Here we go now. It's a true pleasure and honor to introduce another leader Climate activists thiede She grew up in the town of sent federal to attack in mexico. She's a member of the itami toll tech nation. She's experienced firsthand the devastating impact of climate crisis. When she was just eleven years old her town was hit by back to back. Years of climate drought then. The intense rains came and then the floods her family was displaced and she and her parents relocated to the united states to new york. These dramatic swings in extreme weather are just one of the consequences of the climate crisis were already experiencing across the world including here in the united states. Were at the same time as she is. Town was experiencing droughts and floods. The american southwest was in the middle of the worst drought since the sixteenth century..

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