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But if you washed video and you are familiar with some videos or somebody ever protest, you would know that this kid wasn't gonNA. Get Away with just a better be in. He probably would have died if you wouldn't have different types of gun now, the issue is what should have been in the first place. We don't know does should you be shooting somebody because they're trying to hit of skateboard I'm going to show a appropriate defense may be is especially if you're not open carry. State that probably is the whole point of having a gun first place defending yourself right it regardless who knows if he hit with the trucks on the side of your head, you know it could be could be last out for you. Right like skateboards has no jokes to be gained escape. What is no joke get hit with any object of his job regardless but It's just unfortunate by in all intense purposes man you know what I mean I guess some respects you have to say the kid is a good show. Because he shot free people that were trying to hide him I. Think he missed the first guy, the black to actually unfortunately, he actually misused in dude which probably would have made big headlines unfortunately to knowing the communist state in the US. Guy Who. Kind of to stop it with boost and jeans. I think that kid missed and he misery him industry human pepper to show happened but bloody Alemany managed somehow. Take out to people and severely injured to actually had the in these and whilst being on the floor or the of what she minus the first one. But God on my kids ever savage with a gun in his hand like maybe there's an actual avenue from somewhere away from this but yeah. A. Cause.' Discharges sticky man I really can't. I. Think the. Da or the district attorney really sparked a load not one they acted too quickly they will probably two desperate to appease. The local community of poppy, Bang for blood and Oscar de fund the place. Form Lucky and they just try to paint him on charge that didn't make any sense especially if they knew more patient to come don't understand usually. They try and pin the charges with somebody that they think that they can get conviction from right. They're not gonNA just pro any charge that you for the sake of it to appease audience or crowd decadent trying to prepare as best prosecutions they can against you just to kind of you know, Labor this kid murderer when actually when you look at the video evidence of the situation especially, if we take our context, you know take older. Of a what, what about `Isms, and what if some stuff about openly should be just look at a code artifacts of it he was about to be assaulted by a mob right? They were trying to come off damn. They'll try and take his weapon, which is obviously no sign that they were trying to call some kind of grievous bodily harm him just take someone's weapon and beat them up. Right I. Don't it's unexpected happen so. He's US defend himself especially if he has a gun and he knows how to use it and in general you have to kind of think saw like you know like It doesn't really make much sense to charges. Guy would mode like how can you convict him of murder when it clearly gets shown that he's defending himself? it's GonNa be a difficult one for the DA to. Move forward with. But again, if they don't move forward for it, just imagine the riots. So it's two things they could drop the charges or lesson to charge work ideal or they could go forward with the case..

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