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Millionaires come from all kinds of backgrounds but the one thing we know is is that very few of them come from all the backgrounds most of them started from nothing most of them did not inherit their money port of ninety percent are not millionaires because of inherited money national Chris OGM found in the study that we did was we were building the book everyday millionaires that he wrote yeah learn about this stuff get that book and read it it will change your whole perspective on what this what the deal is are you a victim no we've got a statistical data to prove it we know that you can win we know that it's possible all right checking in with us on Instagram follower I live in Vegas Brandon says house prices rent raising fast I can afford a house I am in the south we're looking at right now but I'm still working that's mobile should I purchase now to avoid the crazy prices in the year around longer and longer you cannot buy a house into your own that Brandon the house will become cursed rather than a blessing man I don't know if you know much about Las Vegas but a few years back it was voted the fastest growing city in America it was the biggest real estate bubble that burst when the real estate bubble burst a lot of properties there dropped in half and value more than any other city in America it was a mass and if you think you want to ride one of those bubbles up again and then watch it pop are your broken in debt I'm gonna tell you don't do that I'm not saying Las Vegas is a bubble on saying it was before and that's a proven fact that's not as an observable fact it's not a the position of how I feel about things so.

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