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Parks and wildlife department you serve as a game warden in many capacities for a long long time how many years with tp wd 35 years total with parks and wildlife and the last seven years with the operation gave the program of the state of texas which is our while out prompt robbers program right natural i wanna talk to you about today not not protect your crime stoppers alone in a while activate again but international you're now heading up the i'd got what you say the international wildlife crime stoppers association that affects all of us that hotton career and all of us that doubt tell me what you guys very what is your purpose well on my part that would come together as date and cut know canada where a little ever canadian provinces at our members with that our association thirty nine state we all have a say bone loss of eur goal is to try to stamp out poaching now we know that poaching has existed law long before universal being game boards at long after we are no overdo it any of this but while we are here our goal is to stamp out poultry across but the north america and it we all know poaching thosethose state county our country boundary baptist f what poaching it well that's what our primary purposes and it goes always back to 1994 ability you know there were seven the original state that decided to come together selected share information about poaching belief golkar's inhabits across north america which sectors of all the major members back panic continues to be today my goodness what water great crew and it makes it just common sense it really makes a lot of sense if we work hand in hand because just this week i've received notice from ford airport states nebraska colorado arizona wyoming of horrific poaching answered you'd bulwell shocking leopard mad cow and calf l shot and left bad about a highway and i were breeze sickening records every week a lot of us make that poaching is under control we've got we've got that under control it's rampant isn't it lewis absolutely you know approaching like i said it has always been and always will be uh but the bottom line is you've gotta make it help her on the poker and the way we can do that.

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