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Campaign says the last minute change to the debate rules won't stop him from going head to head against Joe Biden. Campaign manager Bill Stepien says the president is committed to the debate. The debate commission's going to mute the microphones of the candidate who isn't speaking during opening segments of each new topic. At Thursday's debate, Stepien said Trump will press Biden unquote whether he's been compromised by the Communist Party of China, unquote. The Los Angeles County Fire Department says the fire inside of ballot drop boxes under investigation crews extinguished the flames inside these secure drop box outside the Baldwin Park Library Sunday night. Arson investigators are now handling the case. It's not clear what started the fire. No suspects are in custody. There are reports multiple ballots were damaged Oscar winning actor Jeff Bridges undergoing treatment for cancer. He shared the news on Twitter, saying he's been diagnosed with lymphoma and The prognosis is good. You thank everyone for their prayers, and several celebrities commented with messages of support. Bridges Last started the movie Bad times at the El Royale more than 900 movie props heading the auction. The prop store auctioning off the items, which includes Obi Wan Kenobi is Hero lightsaber from Star Wars. Revenge of the city that's expected to get $155,000 other props, hitting the auction block or Mavericks bomber jacket from top gun. Joker's purple fedora from Batman and a mechanical alien from the movie Alien. I'm Scott Jennings..

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