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And then just like Cary grant's quote, I ended up becoming the person that I most wanted to be. And that's what my Martin Luther King, did he put on those glasses and he called it his distinguished self. And when he was when he sat down to do his writing. That's what he did. He put on glasses so that he could say the things he needed to say in an eloquent way, so that he could inspire non-violent action. And you know, that's so powerful because those glasses as a reference point became, just like shield to the more sensitive self and that disassociation really powerful in. So when you take a look at Anthony, when he went out there as Anthony ghost. No, that's what he was doing. He was now, wearing a different Cape, for himself to protect that more soft soft-centred individual. And then when it got off the court, he could maybe sink back into himself, but then just like everybody else you end up finding these other gears and that you didn't even realize that were there. And that's, that's the Superfund part right now is the messages that I get on Instagram or Facebook from people that are like, man. This has been such a phenomenal experience to rediscover. Actually, what I'm about instead of this person that I've been hiding inside of for such a long time. So it's, it's so powerful because any was getting back to your point like it's that it's that safety and security that, when you're going out there on performance, the performance side of things is now in, in most people's view lost. And, and now they, you know, shirk from the, the, the action or the field of play. Gotcha. So how, how does somebody like switch into the alter ego? I mean, it it's one thing to kind of map out what the alter ego is and say, these are the characteristics that I want and I know you mentioned like putting on the glasses. Are there other ways that people can like actually slip into this alter ego or is it as simple as like when I when I wear this? I come this person. Well, I mean, the most powerful. So I talk about in chapter fourteen tokens and artifacts and. And how we activate alter ego, and it's not there as, like a cute idea. I mean in the book on pack ton of the science behind how all this works again. It's a big part of my business. I'm not getting people. You know, cotton candy and bubble gum drops. Yeah. It's well it's my great frustration with the personal development world. Is that a lot of people who write books aren't practitioners? They're not people who working people face to face and tell us to Toews, and they're and that, and that's really, really important because only in the working people one on one. And I know that both of you have had businesses where you've worked with people one on one on the craft of something and, you know, there is there is a lot of missing nuance when you work in a group format, because a group bias or group think that happens. So when someone sitting at twenty Robbins seminar and Tony says, how many of us this idea and because some people just wanna touch cloth and impress the person raised their hand, and so now you feel like left out idiot. If you don't raise your hand, and so everyone's raising their hand and meanwhile, you're sitting there going at that actually worked for me. And this is actually how we retrained as kids in school. So carrying that throughout life now probably. Because again, we want to stay a part of the tribe. Sure. And, and so for the longest time, there's so much. Any paradigm that lived inside of the personal Valmet leadership and self help world, that don't work. They as someone who has been face to face with people where I'm paid to help people perform. If I tried it out a lot of those ideas, I wouldn't have a business in the end because they don't work. And so, you know with the totems artifacts wearing something as the most powerful form of activating, because we have this psychological phenomenon called enclosed, cognition. That's embedded in us, which means that we as human beings attached story in meaning to the things that we wear, and that other people wear..

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