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Two three nine three eight five. We want to have a great show today. We comment we come in with the heat today. Why the Democrats losing the black vote? The love affair is over. David alexander. Bullock, live the people show broadcasting live from Ferndale Michigan from the patriotdetroit bringing. Some non traditional conservative views nontraditional, non conservative views to to this station. Look follow me on Twitter. D Alexander be follow me on Facebook. David Alexander, Bullock, share the show. We just getting started. We'll be here for the whole hour four pm to five pm eastern for those of you that adjust tuning in definitely shared a show on your Facebook page. This is going to be a very very important conversation for a couple reasons. One of the democratic the Democrats are losing their swayed better. Look, the Democrats are losing their sway. On the African American vote across the country and Michigan, obviously is very very important for the Democrats. But so are other states. We are headed towards a very very contested. At least some people think they contested midterm election, and we are inundated with Don news about Donald Trump. And the Republicans of what they're doing. Look, we want to talk about the love affairs over the the honeymoon is over the the honeymoon is over. Why did how did the Democrats are losing the black vote? How the Democrats lost the black vote? Democrats continue to lose support in the black community. And you know, I think really the Republicans have a a plan to try to reinvigorate and create build momentum for support from the African American community for the Republican party. Look, do you just tuned in to the people show? I'm sharing this stuff on all of my Facebook page is the people show shared on your Facebook page. All right, come on in and you become a part of the conversation shared on your page. You can also call in. If you want to at one eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five, and let's talk about it. Now. Let's just just so that we can kind of prime the pump here. Let me begin by saying, you know, a lot of black folks vote for the Democratic Party. Just because that's something that black folks have done, rob. You know, sense black folks really had been making forays into national politics, usually our relationship with the Democratic Party was about presidential politics. Not local politics. It was the Black Panther party that that that really began to be a political parties in places like Alabama. To handle local politics. They moved out west. We remember the Black Panther party for the guns and the berets. But really it was a movement to build local political parties, you may remember Fannie, Lou Hamer who went and contra Hubert Humphrey and contra Dr Martin Luther King, a black delegation, Mississippi freedom Democratic Party, but really was a move for self-determination political self-determination having their own party since then there has been this kind of love affair between black America and the Democrats. But I think that the honeymoon is over I think the love affair is fading away. Now, if you go back far enough, you'll discover that most Democrats historically were southerners and supported segregation and plantations and all kinds of things, and that it was ABRAHAM LINCOLN a Republican that made a big contribution with respect to the emancipation proclamation did not free to slaves, but was much more than any democrat would have done at that time. So. You know, the love affair with whatever party Republican democrat. You know, if you have a blind love affair for political party than I just had to say, you're an idiot. And there's no need to vote for party. If that party doesn't do anything for you. And the dams have been losing momentum. Black folks are rethinking the Democratic Party. It's not just meeting with Trump is not just Jim Brown meeting with Trump is not just Steve Harvey meeting with Trump is not just, sir. Is not just passed a John gray and other pastors meeting with Trump, it's bigger than that. You know, it's not that the African American community is going pro Republican so much as it is that black folks have really beginning to think the now is not a ton split the vote to rich white bowl men that are Republicans are worth it. Well, you know, thank you Commissioner all from bend harbor for tuning in. I'm not talking about splitting the vote. I'm talking about getting something for your vote. And I think we had to really think about what have we gotten for the vote. Now, if I'm going to if I'm going to vote, and I'm going to vote on Bolton, I'm voting green party candidates. That's an I'm doing people really need to take a look at the green party. Only reason why green the green party has not had as much success as other parties is because people haven't voted for. It's not about splitting the vote is by getting something for you vote. And we are already we being in most of the people. I talked to already know that, you know, no matter who I vote for I get the same thing. I'm glad some people. Get into this conversation because we got folks on the lie. But let's talk about it for the next forty five minutes or so the love of after this go the Democrats was wrong. Okay. Not the words, but you'll get the point the JJ. I hope I hit this button. Right JJ. I've been doing this for a couple of weeks. Now, I don't I don't remember how to do this every week. All right. I did it J. Good afternoon. You're on the people show talk to us. Well, I'm not a black person. So I can't speak for my biscuit using store. cO judgment. I see that the Democrats for all those years were against black people with you know, what are you? What are you gonna southern confederacy? That was all Democrats. Right. But in recent stop. All you have to do about you in your own area. When I'm nineteen sixty two it was the richest city for capital and all the United States and today, it's the poor city per capita of the United States. And what does nineteen sixty two after it was the last time a Republican ran the city of Detroit. And I'm not a Republican. I'm a libertarian all I can see wherever I look wherever the Democrats have consolidated power like in the big cities you find nothing but misery. Man, J J. Jay, I'm a I'm a had to say thanks for calling in. And I'm going to have to agree with you as somebody who has voted for a democrat every time JJ, thanks for calling. I'm at the agree with you. Because look. The the party does not value the black vote, and we keep black dance getting not the foot votes. What up Marcel as actually I'm saying the party does not value to vote, but I'm going to go deeper in the show and talk and talk about some things the party actually does like Democrats have actually done some things that are actually anti the black vote. But but let's take a call because at least she's from Troy is on the air. Good afternoon. Least you talk to us. You know? So I'm independent, right? Always have always will be both the people. Party come on say it. But I will say this Atlanta, is example, couch with that gentleman. Just say it's not black people came a crash per se contract is the value of the people who are elected in office. Say that to say this degree is a democrat a black woman city card in Highland Park. Michigan right primary election bring folks polling places historic polling places. So it's senior citizens disenfranchising over two thousand elderly in the city of Highland Park. That to me says she has another agenda not in the best interest of the majority black city that she their survey for me at this point. You know, we're saying, and then this woman literally if you wanted to get to the polls in you jacomb, we said okay five we'll take that challenge. And we had someone donate. Handicap accessible van for the Highland Park. Green. A letter to foster and told them that we didn't need Mannerheim apart. Yeah. That's not vote depression black on black voter suppression. Then what is it? Yeah. Alicia I want to slow down a little bit. Because I hear what you're saying. And I agree I think definitely black on black voter suppression. But it's also democrat on democrat voter suppression is a is a democrat blocking other people who typically vote democrat for Democrats to vote and not caring about their vote. If we if we if we add Detroit's clerk to Highland park's clerk, then we got to African American women who are Democrats dad, potentially have a reputation for disrupting the voting process of African Americans are typically vote democrat, which is precisely my point. I'm not saying, right? Be pro party at all. I'm saying be pro policy. I'm saying, be pro agenda. Then I'm asking all of you people who have a diction to the Democratic Party to tell me what they have done and what you got for. A your vote when you vote it all your life footed Democrats now are ramp a chair the town glare. Hank Johnson told put that on Facebook page. I ran for chair the thirteenth. I was duly elected. It was the U A W and the Michigan Democratic Party that got their lawyers and overturned my duly elected championships. And we still want in a second election. It wasn't there. Republicans death fought against David Bulat. It was the Democrats who fought against Democrats who elected me at all. I'm saying is it's time out for us. To get pimped. Right. And not get anything for our vote. So to that end. I wanna say this you ask the question. And I'll let you answer what we ended up doing with the democratic vote say, and I'm not pro I'm challenged with Obama's Dutch one thing that he did. And I'm gonna say this, and without you respect when it comes to y'all care. It made a difference when it comes to most significantly. What is when you hate crimes? Becoming a federal offence. But thirteen back to federal he wrote that into the defense Bill would Republican with your stupid, you read it you realize that he made hate crimes a federal offence a bench. So I think the Democrats do that Republicans don't do. But I will say this is the individual Barack Obama said don't believe nothing. I say watch what I do. Joining us. Now, you write anything, I at least I wanna thank you for calling him making us aware what's going on the Highland Park. But I wanna keep it local. And don't get me wrong. I understand Affordable Healthcare Act some people like it. Some people don't it helps some people it doesn't help of this person for folks like me, you know, I don't know if I want the federal government mandate that I had to have anything that I got to pay for and I didn't even get a chance to decide whether or not I wanted to buy it. But that's a whole nother conversation. Let's keep it local. Where where was the Democratic Party during the Flint water crisis? They were invisible. Okay. Snyder was on the ropes. Okay. Who who defended Rick Snyder? When the people were trying to recall him, the Democrats, do you wait w SEI you now, you can't tell me what I know. You can't tell me what I know. Who defended Snyder? It wasn't just the Republican party. The Democrats medifast night ahead. A major democrat as his chief of staff doing this. I term we the only ones who believe that these people don't work together. And we're the ones on the outs. What about the close schools? What about the EA? In fact, how do we get -mergency management? It was governor Granholm that got us emergency management and the parts place that she was the one who opened up the door for Robert Bob who opened up the door for public act four who got us to public act, four thirty six and nobody. He wants to tell the truth. It don't matter who's in charge Republican democrat. We're not getting nothing and we run into the polls not even looking at the names of people just looking for democrat under nine and both of them. I'm not vote for Gretchen Whitmer because democrat I'm not voting for Ghana Gilchrist because he tall and black. I'm not voting for and Debbie stabbing. She a democrat. I'm not nobody because they don't even know what that means. I'm only voting for somebody. If they share my interests and are going to fight for what I need in my community other than that date democrat Republican get back. And if you brainwashed enough, if you if you saw a dictated to the crowd that you got to do with somebody else is doing, and you don't even know why. Then that's a bigger problem. They're having to do nothing politician. For this year. I'm just going to tell you I am voting. And I'm going to tell you why revenue and I'm just gonna tell you why I'm voting for progression. And I'm voting for Dana. Why because I asked him I asked one quick question. If you elected into office, will you prosecute weeks night. If a poisoning those children will hold on now Gretchen going to say, yeah. Because she wants to vote, but where she was Ingram county. Prosecutor she didn't even go after. So she not go to the doctor that touched fifty girls in places that I came on the radio. She prosecu- Rick Snyder CA going prosecutor Gretchen donate. No water is seen Gretchen March Flint. I see Gretchen tribute. No water. I see Gretchen do not. Now, you can't tell me what I ain't saying. But I'm telling you, we ain't seen it who saw Gretz in two years ago. Where was aggressive when the crisis started share? Share with snoop Dogg was but he was a Russell Simmons had on fat far, but he was dead Jamal Bryant was there. But if Gretchen Whitmore was in visit. So don't tell me where Gretzky going do last time. I saw Gretchen Whitmer. She was saying who is how to pick here like a black church. I'm trying to cheer you. If you fall helped me Eddie Murphy for the banana tailpipe and vote for woman has a track record of nothingness..

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