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At carolina washington and oppress tim sullivan of carrying dot com which ranked all fifty states in both categories the states at the bottom of the list are indiana new york north dakota wyoming and dead last at the bottom of the rift word west virginia while hair care wasn't caddick at eight it coming at the bottom in terms of quality new york had the distinction of ranking poor in both the quality and cost of healthcare the trump administration has joined the food fight between new york city and a grocer's group that is trying to stop the city from enforcing a requirement for calorie count on prepared food that sold and grocery and convenience stores the department of justice now file ling legal papers asking a judge to block the city from enforcing those rules while the grocers mount a legal challenge jim chenevey cbs news it's time for that red dicko as the easy to grow three games i'm julius flick flap at it's my distinct pleasure to send you to get my petscom for your chance to be selected someone is going to win one thousand dollars in groceries and it should be and i wanted to me both of you need to get to get my perks that tom to win fortune favours those hungry it up to enter enjoy the grocery aims contest rose i can i perks icon not purchase are aiming of any kind of mrs erika enter win this is a national contest isn't gonna overpriced trash bag pricey pricey pricey a bag that breaks be randy way hey our smelly back saiki thank you hey time to switch to hefty ultrastrong trash bags always at an ultra low price there are best bags yet and by coffering our south had to hat sorry.

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