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He gets more if he stays with the whizzy, gets less if he goes elsewhere due to the NBA free agency rules baseball nationals playing Pittsburgh, the long ball, looming large for the visitors. Now the pitch swung on hit in the air to left center field and carrying robles going back to the warning track to the wall and this ball is gone. Goodbye, a home run. Off the wall just behind the outfield wall off the side of the blue House red seats. A two run Homer for Brian Reynolds, Charlie slows on 1500 a.m. the Nats trail 8 7 top of the 9th inning, Brian Reynolds hitting three homers with 6 RBI for the pirates, Nats have 16 hits, but have left ten on base Orioles that action against Seattle no score, bottom of the second inning. Back to basketball, the wizards trade guards ish Smith and kentavious Caldwell Pope to Denver for will Barton and Monte Morris, tennis at Wimbledon. Second round action saw hydesville Maryland's Francis TFO and men's top seed Novak Djokovic victorious. Women's winners include Americans, Jessica pegula, and Alison risk, Dave Preston, WTF sports. Thank you, Dave. Now to the top stories we are following for you on WTO. Emergency road work has southbound two 95 closed between eastern avenue and bening road in northeast D.C. until tomorrow morning at 5 a.m.. Dave has the difficult details in traffic on the 8th. Superstar R&B, legend R. Kelly is going to prison for 30 years on racketeering and sex trafficking. His trial and conviction last year gave voice to his accusers who had wondered if their stories were ignored because they were black women. Supreme Court Justice Steven Breyer retires tomorrow at noon, paving the way for katangi Brown Jackson to be sworn in as his successor. Breyer served on the court since 1994. Stay with WTO for more on these stories and just minutes. The jury's been seated for the confessed Parkland Florida high school shooters penalty trial. After nearly three months a jury of 7 men and 5 women has been chosen along with ten alternate, judge Elizabeth scherer to defend it Nicholas Cruz. To participate in listening to what they said and the selection process, correct? Yes. Last October cruise pled guilty to 17 counts of murder in 17 for attempted murder. The jury has to decide between the death penalty or life in prison without parole. A death penalty verdict must be unanimous. The judges said July 18th for the start of the penalty trial. Peter king, CBS News Orlando. Up ahead in money news. But how is the day up 82 points? A Northern Virginia brewer is coming to D.C.. I'm Jeff claymore. Four 48. Traffic

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