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Lost fifty pounds to controls diabetes and his ears going through going away the cancer's eating through his ear. He was seen by his primary doctor at a basis. Oh cancer had a biopsy more than a year ago. It was the first skin cancer is life. He said he had lots of exposures to be in the Caribbean and here in America, and he's fair complected. And I examined him into three centimeter mass and his left ear with the era. Going away is like juicy like dying like the ear is being destroyed by this cancer. Why saw him and he had a chance to get his ear cut off with surgery. Most certainly going to cut and cut and cut leave a big deformity, and he didn't want that. He did not want a big deformity. He did not want surgery. He did not want most surgery. He did not want cutting. He did not want patching. No, he came to us, and then just a few sessions a few minutes each probably five minutes, each we were able to attack this cancer of the ear basal cell cancer, which was eroding through his ear the upper portion of his ear destroying the ear, destroying the integrity. We treated him more than a year ago. And now he's in remission. The cancer is gone, and we're able to stop the cancer and he's had some re growth of the tissues. So as ear looks very very very very good without the distortion destruction that surgery most likely would have caused and I've seen people even who've had their ears. Cut off when patient comes to mind who had his entire ear cut off the certains cut off his ear for skin cancer. They never told them about non invasive treatment. And that's what I'm talking about. So often we see patients who have radical deforming surgery, whether they're ear their noser, breast or arm or long or pancreas or. Bladder or prostate or other organs are cut off without any discussion of the options. Here we do exactly the opposite. If you wanna have surgery, join your ear cut off than all hold the power to you. But so many people do not want to have radical performing surgery. Most people would rather when they know about it come here for non invasive treatment. And that's why you as a radio listener are so important to be able to tell other people. Hey, you don't need to have most likely that radical surgery whether it's for the liver or the ear the breast discuss a call. We have lots of information lots of examples you can cause at two and two choices two and two two four six forty two thirty seven what a man is born in New York City, sixty nine years old is a black man. And I say that because we know in the black community one in six black men will get prostate cancer one in twenty three. Will die of cancer. Eddie man can have prostate cancer. We treat men of every color and race and creed and religion and tall short. And whatever age you can imagine talking about this man who sixty nine year old black man with four children. He has a brother his brother has stage for prostate cancer, which said the savings most likely he will die of that cancer. So he's got a positive family history. This man has a high PSA is PSA was eight and a half. This man has a high Gleason score. He was diagnosed and seen by another doctor, and well, the other doctor just started him on loop run therapy, which is a kind of hormone therapy at one of the super duper pooper, big hospitals. But we know that loop run therapy doesn't cure any man with prostate cancer. So this man has a Gleason seven PSA, eight and a half prostate cancer and the big hospital. Son Lopera, and that's it set him home. Well, we like whenever possible to offer people the chance of curative therapy. And that's what we do. If you open up our book, and we have a book and a new DVD just devoted to prostate cancer. You should look at that. If you're interested in prostate cancer because if you have radical surgery, which is someone opening up your body and pulling out your prostate for Gleason seven in the best hands in America. The success rates only sixty percent with us. It's ninety percent fifty percent better. And we know that if you have radical surgery or open surgery, most likely the man will lose his sexual function the held to have impotence most likely that man will be leaking urine. And who wants to have low success rates who wants to have impotence who wants to have leakage of urine, wedding your pants. Nobody nobody. And why did he come here? We came here because he heard about the..

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