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506 on your wake up call. Okay. If I am 6 40 live everywhere on the I heart radio app. So Karen Travers, I ask you. Did you dig anything this weekend? Did you cut down any trees? Sell anything on offer up. Now we shoveled a little bit. I should say I shoveled. My husband Did the shoveling. I did other help. We had a couple into this. No here yesterday in D. C. It was lovely to the White House is very beautiful, Snowy, but nothing like we're being so sincerely in New York and Boston, Unfortunately, But we'll take what we can get. You haven't had snow in two years here. So nice. Absolutely. I'm playing. Yeah. Joe Biden had a nice quiet weekend in Washington. Not because of the snow. You certainly could have done something yesterday, but he went to Mass at Holy Trinity Church. Endorsed on Saturday night. That is his only public appearance, you know, and this is gonna be a a trend, which is normal what it was like in the Obama and Bush years where the president laid low over the weekend, you put out people on the Sunday political talk shows. We heard some statements from the press secretary over the weekend to news but otherwise it was a quiet weekend and he hit the ground running today back on the covert relief talks. And how are those going? Well, we'll see. After five o'clock today, you know, the president pledged Tomo push bipartisanship in the candidates and then in the transition and now as president, but he also has pledged to get it. Kogan relief package passed and you know Democrats conduce a it Without Republicans. There are ways to do that, and we're starting to see. Congressional leaders say they're moving forward this week, with or without Republicans to today's sort of the first big test for Biden on the bipartisanship pledge when he sits down with 10 Republican senators who've made We're about to make a counter offer to his $1.9 trillion covert relief package. Their offer is $600 billion big sum of money, sure, but only a third of what he is looking for. So here's the question, you know, does he say, Let's work from there. Let's see if you can bump up from the 600,000,600 Billion. Democratic leaders have been dismissive of that, just saying it is nowhere near enough and that they're not going to entertain an offer like that, But it's president. She was Potentially entertaining it this evening with that meeting at the White House, and that just furthers his mantra that we kept hearing where he wanted to work with both sides. And you know the Joe Biden that you have a lot of lawmakers talking about, says he's the guy that works with across the aisle. Mm hmm. Yeah, absolutely. Now the question is, Can you work across the aisle and still get the $1.9 Trillion that you want and that your team is insisting is necessary that you can't break up the bill. You can't make it into smaller things that have to be taken as one giant massive stimulus plan. That's trickier thing because Republicans have said they don't like the price tag. They don't like how wide ranging it is sweeping and ambitious. It is So you know, how do you start to get everybody to meet in the middle? If you're not going to come down from your very high water mark of $1.9 Trillion again, the underlining they don't have to do this Republican. They can try and push this through with just democratic votes. But that is counter to what the president has said he would like to do. We'll see when it real fast when it comes to the digging out, and I know you said you didn't get a bunch of other parts obviously did. How does this go to affecting people trying to get the cove it vaccine right now? Yeah, we're certainly seeing across the Northeast. We're appointments for vaccines are gonna be canceled because it's just not safe to have people out on the road. You can have people waiting in lines outside to get the vaccine so this could impact over the next day or two. The number of people that are getting their had their appointment scheduled, but will not be able to get it off the concerns that just moving around the vaccine because of travel being disrupted already about 1400 flights, Commercial Flights have been canceled because of weather in the Northeast. All right, Karen, thank you. Have a good one. Thanks. Have a great day. Right. Thanks. You too. See you later. That a drum? What was that in the background? Nothing. Now I liked it a little beat behind her. Well, Karen Travers with some. Okay, let's get back to some of the stories coming out of the cave. If I 24 hour news room well, one of the Republicans in Congress who voted to impeach former President Trump has started his own political action committee. Someone needs to tell the truth someone needs to say with history needs to hear. So here I am. A Republican party has lost its way. Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger says the Republican Party of his youth was hopeful and inspired him to love his country. But he now says Republicans talk about a dark future and have replaced their convictions with lies and conspiracy theories. Kin zingers new future First leadership PACs says it'll fight back against poisonous extremism. President Biden has scheduled an Oval Office meeting with Republican senators about Cove in 19 relief spending. That's what Karen mentioned. The group of Senators say they're American Rescue plan would be just a third as much as Biden and the Democrats had proposed. Well. Several council members in Huntington Beach have plans to make a former and them a star tap out from his title as Mayor Pro TEM. The vote of No confidence Tonight won't affect Tito Ortiz is rollers councilman, But Councilman Dan comic says Ortiz has not stepped into the role of mayor Pro TEM with honor and dignity isn't wearing a mask is lying from the dais and is scouting, ignorant and ill informed information. Mayor Kim Kerr says it's about Ortiz his actions, not his beliefs. I don't care that he likes Trump. In fact, one of the people that co author The agenda item is also a Trump supporter. They Ortiz is an unnecessary distraction from the city's gold to promote business. Ortiz has not responded to requests for comment in Orange County, Corbin Carson Ko Phi News governor, Newsome has reversed his decision to release a man who killed his wife and unborn child in San Bernadino County. In 1997. Last March, Newsome commuted the sentence of Rodney McNeil San Bernadino County, D. A. Jason Anderson. Has McNeil stepdaughter. Let's see Sam Valentino County, D. A. Jason Anderson McNeil stepdaughter, and John and Ken lobbied the governor's office against the release. There obviously are going to be motives and biases by people who are involved in this on either side, Okay, if I news also played a small role when it exposed conflicting information between the governor's office and corrections officials through A public records request. Well, the chemical extracted. This is the strangest story. Ah chemical extracted from an underwater creature called the sea squirt. I was told, it's kind of like a CNN money. Cease court. Is being tested against Cove in 19, a researcher based in California, says the extract called up Linden as approve or proven to be about 30 times more potent. Then rammed a severe in early testing. It targets a human protein that's needed for the virus to replicate, so the sea scored extract is already approved for treating a rare form of cancer. You knew the sea squirt. Karen was mentioning the Chicago in Washington, D. C. Check out Chicago It's digging out from its biggest snowstorm in more than five years, Parts of Lake Michigan got turned to slush over the weekend, and certain areas got more than a foot of snow. Chicagoan. Amy Door says It's its own way that the snow brought her neighborhood together. Everyone just kind of Descended with the snow blowers and shovels and there were teams of people like working on some of the senior citizens houses. Hundreds of flights had to be canceled because of the weather. Now the storm's headed for the Northeast, which with more blizzard potential Well mission. Vallejo has ordered street vendors who sell pro trump anti Biden and anti Newsome merchandise to cover up their vulgar language. The sidewalk shops feature messages like Hath Biden.

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