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What does Vido right now? Huge. Akiba we have season three episode seven while finally there, we go took eight eight drives all right now, I have a ping of fish tank filled with ping pong ball. Next week the season seven goes back down to two spots on the wheel to spots on the wheel. Yes, what wild started with brand steel TV top fifty the veto played. And now we're going to the bowl ping pong balls for the first time ever, and I have in my hands my closed hand. A ping pong ball. Which I won't Al open and reveal. Okay, boy, this is so exciting. I'm really on the edge of my seat. Try not to fall on you. Here. We go. Dinosaurs. Oh, boy, I love it people. A couple wrote in said, you guys do dinosaurs. But I we already had it on. I am a little bit nervous. Dinosaurs was was like my childhood like, Marvin, Harry, you scared of the dinosaurs. No, I think I told the story, but I got in trouble like twice in my life. And I was watching dinosaur. I never watched it again like you ever get the teachers call your house. Oh, you this respectful in school or on the test or something when you're like third grade both times it happened when I was doing dinosaurs. So I feel like I'm gonna get divorced while I watched this episode or something..

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