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The entire season, and wide receiver Cortland Sutton, who left practice yesterday, but I was able to confirm Right shoulder injury sudden sustained as he tried to grab a Drew Locke passed with his left hand embraced himself with his right as he fell to the ground has been diagnosed as a sprained A C joint will likely be listed as questionable for the season opener on Monday. Head coach Rick Fangio should be able to fill us in on how Sutton is doing when we talked this morning on CNN at 7 24. Yesterday, one of the newest Broncos cornerback age a boy who has a Pro Bowl on his resume. No. The zoom press conference with local media and said that despite this being his eighth season in the NFL, he still gets fired up for the opener. Yeah, most definitely. You know the all season you focus on Trent. You know the whole time for most, especially this time. Whatever is going on, you have bill until it's not a team in a while. So Don't get excited for that. You want to see where your teams have been grinding All chap, this is will be a great testicles. Great office routine. Broncos and Titans kick off the season from a power field of mile high Monday night at 8 20. Our coverage on Kaylie gets going. It's big Alan Jo Jo host Broncos Game day starting at three. Vermont Marquez look to stop the bleeding as Iraqis tried to end their three game slide tonight when they welcome Mike Trout of the Angels to Coors Field. It's Game one of the three game series and hopefully the Rockies will find comfort as it's game one of the 10 game homestand Our coverage on K Away Free I heart radio upstarts of six first pitch comes your way from 20, the Blake at 6 40. The Nuggets look to dig out of their 31 Siri's hole against the Clippers this afternoon as they play in the second round of the playoffs. Tip off from the NBA's bubble in Orlando at 4 30 that sports vibrating crystal in Katrina's radio home, the Broncos buffs Iraqis Alien. He's ready time 5 46 right now. In Colorado's morning news Governor Pole is giving the green light to state agencies to seek reimbursement for expenses related to the Grisly creek fire the governor signing a disaster declaration on Wednesday for Eagle and Garfield counties that sends out more than $3 million in state aid to cover firefighting costs. The declaration also makes it possible for agencies like the Colorado Department transportation to apply for federal disaster funds. Interstate 70 through Glenwood Canyon shutdown for days because of the danger caused by the fire. Four months have passed since a woman disappeared in Chaffee County after going for a ride on her bike. So is that more few has not been seen since Mother's Day May 10th, although investigators say they continue to track down all tips in the case, searches of various locations in the area have turned up. No sign of the woman and a $200,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to finding her. Volunteer search effort, led by her brother is expected to happen later this month. The State Department of Labor and Unemployment says fraud protection measures have helped lower the number of fake jobless claims paid out by the state. The state stopped payment of about 48,000 claims last month, saying taxpayers saving taxpayers millions of dollars in the process. Investigators believe the claims are part of an organized scheme that sought money under their pandemic Unemployment assistance program, the department's working with law enforcement to track down the organization. Organizers of that scheme, the U. S Postal Inspection Service, calling for the puck. Ex Helpin Id'ing Fraudulent Paycheck Protection program claims, Deputy Chief Inspector Craig Goldberg says there are some ways to do that You can report suspected PPP fraud Federal law enforcement But calling the Department of Justice disaster fraud hotline at 8667205271. So far, 57 people have been charged with PPP fraud. A mounting the $70 million in losses to that program. Three federal judges ruling against President Trump's order that undocumented immigrants not be counted in the census, the president issuing a memorandum back in July, arguing that undocumented immigrants shouldn't be counted for the purpose of deciding how many members of Congress each state gets. The judge is in the case said the move violated federal law deadline for the census to be completed. September 30th. Today is the 19th anniversary of 9, 11 and Long Island. Scientists are researching long term effects on first responders. University researchers say World Trade Center first responders are at risk of developing dementia. University researchers led to studies one showing many responders had brains 10 years older than the average person. The other study concluded that some of those responders with PTSD have proteins in the blood consistent with Alzheimer's. Speaking of 9, 11, we do remember it today We're going to go toe live to New York for what they have going on, especially remembering 9 11. This covert environment will have that. Report coming appear momentarily right now on your driveway. Check in again with Jonathan Steele. And for John Morris, See what he's seeing on the Friday morning room..

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