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Well, as a Russian experts say, this is a second blow second the series a blow to the global strategic stability and also to the system global system of I'm control and numbered for aging and the US out of this treaty trigger. Actually, I'm again or even the nuclear arms race. So extreme. The whole would is another much afraid of that. So now Russia condemned the plans and vowed respond, and we heard from President Putin earlier told an international policy forums. So she that Russia would only launch a nuclear strike if a if it's early warning systems spot like missile heading towards his territory, so also a related comment. So how do you expect Russian site to respond to this decision? Oh, what a present. I think the whole would including Russia. Is going to watch what would be next after the plowed and the what's your net. His this really going to do and then Russia were property state. But anyway, Russia would not exceed the United States and Russia has assymetrical technology symmetrical. Weapon systems to attack the US. Advanced of women systems so more about Russia. How does Russia think about it deal? You mentioned Joan Boeton the hulk wants to quit the deal, but how about Russia. Oh, well, you're I think Russia knows very clearly jumbled is very very much entire Russia and actally news. Not. In the security aspect is. The main actually Maimuna K two of the headline was the comp demonstration. So the Russia, of course, wants to improve relations with the United States. And we know that after you crane incident in twenty fourteen the Russian relationship is not at the lowest point, and this does not of Russian interest me the the US interest. So the both country wants to improve bit. But in the United States Renault that the. Especially in political talk as whereas in academics people as the any most of the Russia and the hatred was Russia is so deep. So that's why. They do not want to Donald Trump to improve. I was in Russia. So and actually Donald Trump under the pressure of his Republican party and also just before the minimum next year. And. Exercise the new thanks economic sanctions on Russia. So I think this is from the security aspect, so the United States is none launch. I think the comprehensive attack. Russia. Also, he comes ahead of jumbled visit to Russia, and it's being reported that the Russian side is still planning a meeting between jump Olten and allowed reporting Imos cow. And we heard from Russian officials say they are looking for clarification. So what's your expectation of jump Holden's? Stay most gal to clarify this shop. I guess I think jump is going into so-called qualify. But if he's not going to anymore than Donald Trump's inches tweet. Yeah. Time accused Russia for Vinai eighteen treaty and also accused the China for developing its military forces and potent would stay two reasons for for for for the Trump administration to your out of the tree. When asked question what about Europe, a we heard Germany is criticizing the move calling all the United States to consider the consequences. So how serious is this a concern for European countries? I think this is a very. The big concern as I just say, the this treaty actually made European fear safer much different because the intermediate Ranjit. Missile with mainly attack, the European countries and was the. This. Disappeared as European countries again under the shadow of nuclear attack. So as a German, including German European countries over the they're much word about about Trump. Trump is dick. Thank you very much, professor.

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