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Years. They're a multi Grammy Award winning group and their latest album. I'm is called Yego Navidad where privileged to have two members of Los Lobos with us today in the studio. David Hidalgo a founding member of the band. He's a songwriter. Long writer and multi talented musician. He sings and plays a myriad of instruments including guitar Banjo Cello and the accordion. David Algo welcome back to on point or your uh-huh it's great to have you and Steve Berlin. While not founding member he joined Los Lobos in one thousand nine hundred eighty four and is many instruments include saxophone flute and keyboard keyboard. He's also a terrific producer. Steve Berlin welcome to you much okay. So first of all tell US Christmas songs. Why why was this sort of the genre of music that you thought? Los Lobos has yet to do that. Let's take our Christmas well. It's it's been it's been and every every year it comes up you know. Should we should one of one of these days. What are these years? We should do it. Chris and The time around the concept of doing Latin American Chris- Christmas seemed to be good. It made sense so lead. We tried it out. I'll I'll be honest. I love Christmas music. And many of America's most people don't think that's partially because it comes earlier and earlier earlier every year get bombarded with. Yeah but on the other hand. Many of America's greatest musicians have done fantastic Christmas album so it makes perfect perfect sense to me. But how did you go about picking and choosing from the Latin American catalog of of Christmas songs. We we reached out to some friends. Who are collectors? Not Necessarily Christmas music. But guys who we thought we'd have a repository of ideas and We we managed to acquire about a hundred and forty some songs just to just like not no sorting whatsoever just like pile of songs to start the process. I think we just need to start someplace. You know. It's not like we had stockpile ourselves and basically that just kind of opened the door you know we sorta through some of that stuff was there's no way in the world we could do it but sort sort of informed the process and once we got rolling it was kind of like any other less lobos record were the two or three songs in brings in an idea and we we chased that around that that brings up another idea so it it was It was fun. It was a different in many respects but in many respects the same as any other record that we do track that we just third at the top of the show. DONDE ESTA Santa Claus. Tell us about that one. It's his name is augie real. I'll give you yeah he. I was a child actor back in the late fifties and he had his one off hit and But that's that's the only familiar one that I remember you know of all these songs we've W did That one little shanty songs. I heard that one before too but but most of them you know we just sir we just looking to. We found stuff that we thought we could do. Yeah so nine hundred fifty eight. I think. That's where notes here argue Rio. Es performed The Santa Claus. He was twelve. So you say you you remember that from when you'd be into like when it come Christmas season you'd be we driving around shopping. She has a station that plays a Christmas music. That would that would come up. That was part of the rotation. Yeah well let's hear another track from Yugoslavia Dodd. This is Laura gazillion Kazimi last. Name your got busy guessing was aww. That's Rama.

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