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It's me jared thirty morris but you may know that we've been more emai- now that really hard on mars island two. We were able to push it until august. Twenty one moving your festival to max august. It's the right thing to do. It's pretty much now. Why the fuck are they. Referencing the guy who put on fire festival like don't include him. He's like twenty twenty one. The right thing to do. It's like yeah but you did like one of the biggest festival frauds ever like. Why is like. I will be working remote from jail. But i'm putting together the venue for on my contacts even got jarrell involved rules already got his role. I believe in your work man. You do good work. No no no no. Nobody said fraud. You brought it up sorry saying fraud. I didn't say anything charl come out. Hey jarrell when the when when a lawyer calls you up from the state and says yo what. Where's all the money. What do you tell them. Full that's not illegal different than fraud. Twenty twenty one on a beautiful private island in croatia. I think it's going to be big celebration that we enjoy after quarantine feels a little like living on an island right now but we're excited about it looking forward to take a dip in the sea or space people sunsets. I've been known to like good sunset tattoos. Not that the other fire fest. How's the food from fire festival. So the food's not going to be much better. I gotta be right that so. He's making jokes about fire festival season building. It up like he's like. I'm aware of the fire fast. Ivine this is gonna be better. Yeah this is a low bar though no not that record scrapped arts and crafts. Oh endearing mention performing. i'm a grown ass fucking man. what the fuck do arts and crafts. What am i eight. Come to grow and do arts and crafts shut up. Wanna fucking glue macaroni to a necklace asshole. Thirty five years old man can be intimate shows a lot of fun working so if you tickets from ours island be doing private zoom twenty twenty one. Take care guys. We'll see so. God i'd sale now. How much are they. Can i go to this website. x next They're good thirty seconds to mars twenty. Let's go here. We go so twenty. Point was cancelled. Obviously twenty twenty one. Three nights inclusive One payment of sixteen hundred lowest. That's the low. That's that's the ones where you'd they give you. Basically a blanket and you sleep on the sand stargazer. Yeah you're asking to be gazing at the stars because you don't fucking roof. The stargazer package did venture package. That's what it's called. It's called the stargazer package. Right here. means you don't have a roof then the adventure. Pack you get a camp. It's three thousand dollars. You go if you go to the next lies. I break them down. Then you got the wonder package. Like jesus and moses through the desert whatever four thousand dollars. There's all kinds of shit. They didn't put the price on these next ones. You got contact the city sucker. This one is seven thousand dollars today. Deamer package you'd be daydreaming about all the money. You fucking wasted.

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