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Sort of figuring out who i am and figuring out like i said this sort of i wasn't broken which is what i thought but also recognizing that this meant that i was a person who was part of a community that i knew about but did not yet no anyone in and had never really considered it's not something you consider joining you just realize that you wrote in that community and so it was a simultaneous personal and political thing realizing well you know i think this is who i am and i think this means that this is my gay community is my community and that was a community that was in the wars at that point of fighting for its existence and so that became a that became a focus for me and our channel for me in terms of learning who i was and you saw on that issue before you as a high school student started as i was coming out around coming out to myself ignorant who i was when i was about sixteen i started working on issues and that is you defined a lot of what you did as an academic more than a decade yeah it was really my i did aids in prison issue and so on you went and you wrote legislation and you champion legislation talk about that so when i first started on aids issues again it was one thousand high school and i started working at a hospice for people who are who were dying with with aids and that was in oakland california and then i ended up getting involved sort of an aids education first and then ultimately with activist groups like like act up and i found my i it's not an act up as i'm glad that there's renewed cultural interest in sort of the history of act up and act up is still around and still doing good work but having being a young person in that in that activist environment sort of before nineteen ninetysix which was the the advent of protease inhibitors which really started to change things in terms of treatment in life expectancy and stuff you sort of had to make decisions about what kind of activists worke we're going to do and i.

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