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Russell Hobbs, the Christian O'Connell show, gold one O 4.3. Good morning Patsy. Morning. Good morning, Jackie boy. Good to see you guys. That's what your loved one chatted yesterday. You'll tune in parenthood, you'll find that you're in the part of parents in the early years where it's an endless scene sort of a bit of bursts. There's lots and lots of fun. And then when you get to like my part of it, when they're 16 and 18, it's suddenly a lot of laughs and then first. But you did an amazing thing yesterday suns out, what do you do now? Your boys won. We blew up the air first, they have a kiddie pool. Yeah, you're so loved that as a kid. It's in plain and paddling pools. That was like the summer was in the UK and you'd only have that paddling pool out for a day because the summoners were not long, so I spent grew up a lot of time in freezing cold tepid pools. Our Australian summers how I remember it is we'd fill it up at the start of summer and then it would slowly get sticky and gunky. It's the grass that gets in there and stays in there and that sort of film as well. I guess the bacteria that you don't know chlorine in there. It's just hose water. Did you also do like the slip N slide as well? No, one thing at a time. Now what I meant for you, you've got to show him show him what he can upgrade to in the next couple of years is that slip N slide. The slipper slide into lepore. No, I haven't even been in the kiddie pool myself yet. But you write a show. What are you like a lifeguard? Sat there. On the outside. Supervising. Of course. Patsy, how was your day? As you go excited about a lunchtime invitation. This is K two. Once you're 50, you know you're getting old, is when you get an invitation like weighted yesterday to a friend's 50th to a very nice venue. And we were like punching our fists in the air because it's a lunchtime date. It's not an evening. Dinner, and we're like, yes. That means, and it seemed winter. That means we get home in time for Netflix and jammies. The hater on. The over 50s next Netflix show. We were so excited. Oh my God, lunchtime birthday is that the phase of life that I'm heading to in 15 years. Yeah, I think this is going to be like a new thing is everyone's having lunchtime dos with soup which suits me, getting up at the air ride. Would you guys rather duke have a good long launch or dinner with Friends? No, no longer either, no longer. I'm sure the wrong person, I don't know. Let me just adjust my chance Apache. Definitely. You are so social when you like mankind. What would you rather what would you prefer? Long lunch or a dinner. Definitely long live. Yeah, far more enjoyable because it's not the pressure of, oh God, it's 8 o'clock I'm actually 'cause you know when you seasoned like us to getting up early. Your body clock doesn't know it's the weekend. It's like, hey, it's 8 o'clock. We should be gone a bit soon. Yeah, I love that feeling sometimes when you see, oh, it's caught to 5 ounces afterwards. You got it. Oh, God. We're suddenly when it's like four or 5 hours into a dinner on that, you really are trying to eat that yawn. You know, when you're pushing it, well, someone's going on and telling you that story about the third time. When can we go now? He's been even saying four hour dinner is scares the hell out of me. You all went to dinner by myself last night, 24 minutes I was there, Japanese restaurant. Yeah, no, but I love to know. Kind of general lunch myself. On my own, I'm so gross. Yeah, I'm going to a preview to our John Wick four. My to my wife yesterday. I said, oh yeah, I'm not here tomorrow night. And so I'm going to go and see John Wick for sure. Oh, great. Who are you going with by myself? Do you want to take anywhere? No. Could have dinner before, but myself. Watch a movie by myself. I said, I can not wait. This is my favorite date night. It's actually just by myself. But Christian O'Connell show podcast. That's he just talking about the joy of invited to a birthday party that is at lunchtime reminds me of this recent clip from great actress Jamie Lee Curtis. I've long thought that rock and roll band should do matinee tours. Especially if you look at the average age now, gig fans, you're going to see some of the Foo Fighters or Billy Joel. A lunchtime show, what are the one in the evening? Cheaper on babysitting as well. I am going to just say this now as a taunt and as a suggestion. You too. Doing that. Coldplay. Do a matinee. What about a 12 noon concert Coldplay? What about it? Bruce Springsteen. Do a matinee. I wouldn't you let me come see you, Bruce Springsteen in your glory days. Pun intended. And do it at noon or 1 o'clock 2 o'clock. I will come and hear your 5 hour concert Bruce at 2 o'clock, and I'm going to be home and in bed by 7 30. See, that's why it's worse than Jamie Lee Curtis there. I think that's an awesome idea. This year we should put on a Matt knife festival. Yes. For everybody who can make it 12 p.m. show. Do you think there are any shows at the Melbourne comedy festival that are matinee shows? They all start in the nighttime. What are we like to try and do stand up like midday in the sun? In the sun who was eyes blinking I could see that working, but the matinee for music shows. Let's definitely do a mat and I show you how this year definitely. That doesn't just get more excited about going to see something in the middle of the day. Yes. Knowing that you'll be home. All right, time waster extra time is to put a celebrity in a movie. Let's start easy. The Lionel Richie king, the Lionel Richie king. Civil plus. One for the kids. Drake solar plague. Watch out and over. Titanic cave, Titanic cave bronze silver. Stevie Wonder Woman. Did you have grind your own? Yeah, I did, yeah. Stevie Wonder Woman. That's a gold. And driving miss Jay-Z. Oh, that's very clever. Sir. That's right. Gold. All right, check your boy, what have you got then? Put a celebrity in a movie. 50 cent of a woman. Oh, Jack, you still win duck club. Or some drop in Drake. Ben aff Shrek. It's rarely makes me laugh, but that is first, like I said, you know. That's God bless. The wolf of Robert Wall Street. And the perks of being a Wahlberg. But Christian O'Connell show, podcast. So extra time, put a celebrity in a movie, text it over to 047-503-1043. Jack it she would go. You get a Chopin. This morning I asked you to put a 17 in a medium. Jack, you ready tomorrow? Let's do it. Jim O and G, Jim O and G well hard to beat that gold plus. That is a strong start from John this morning. Good morning, John Boggs. That's very good. Jim O and cheese very, very, very good. It feels like a title of a show and a joke. The wizard of ozu was born. Gold also good. Wow, this is a very good Jake Scott. We bought a Tim zoo. Oh God. Huge father weekend. What a Jacob Melton. Sally Field of dreams. Silver. Grand Tarantino. Silver. Katrina Jones diary, gold. Everything about it go. Rose Byrne after reading. Civil plus, finding sco mo, gold. Ferris Bueller's David Hasselhoff. Silver? Puff daddy day care. What a concept. Make the movie. I know what you did, Donna Summer. Gold. That's very smart. Well done, Marty. The sly that schacht me. Sylvester sly. You got it, my friend. Prawns, this guy.

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