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So if the kid if a child is mouth breathing or the grinder keith at night yeah i used to and giving them exercises to retrain the musculature become no no speeders and not multiple readers and you know by working with a mile function or therapists you know having them swallow properly because if you don't swallow properly and your tongue goes forward when you swallow you're gonna push your teeth forward and this this is a current because east children were not breastfed long you know they were put on the bottle too early i wasn't breastfed as a as a child is that why you screwed up hey you know i could cut you off at any time you know but if you notice your i is a little bit narrow i remember you know you have a longer face hey hey hey but the upper talent we need to have it formed like a nice big you pete and when you do breastfeeding and win the when the baby latches onto the brass in that manner you cannot you cannot say you have to suckle there's a different green sucking suckling and that mechanism of breastfeeding teaches the child to greet you the knows because it can't be to the mall okay all right so you can't beat them the a bet so you forced to be to the nose so that trains the child not only degree to the nose but also forms the oral structure to become normal so they can reach the genetic potential and all these kids who have t shaped arches we can correct it but these are the kids if d shape is in the in the palliate what's happening obstructing the notes i had a history of asthma and respiratory problems as a kid as a child and and that is probably the main reason why that occurred yeah and there's no turning back i mean the the walmart just minimize it right well we have mile functional therapies working with even with adults and we have adult applying to help them because a lot of these adults who who went to orthodontic treatment but they're not swallowing properly right here entire after the bridges are done in the take off the whatever invisible line or whatever now if they don't have a good detention device the tongue is going to push the keep back where they were.

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