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Vide- have your sister video your dad when you tell him that your boyfriend scooter to work. I would love that. We can play the audio of it on radio. Riggins has done that before where he brings in audio of his dad whenever he's telling him something that would have a good reaction to that. If your parents were cool being on the air which they're not because we've we've mentioned it several times we would love the column and break the news. Okay well then that does give us something to look mm forward on now. Trending with Regan's remember a few weeks ago that Justin Timberlake story that we told you all about in now trending where he was caught holding hands with his Co Star. He has finally responded last night. Posted something on instagram. I'll tell you what he said. He tells them now. Training in less than ten minutes. TJ Show would like to thank everyone who has helped with ace and TJ's grandkids. Charity are once a year trip to Disneyworld with chronically disabled golden terminally ill children and their families please visit grandkids dot org for sponsorship opportunities and again thank you for more as TJ coming up breath want to save up to seventy five percent domestic or international airline tickets then call low cost airlines for prices so low. We can't publish them. Call eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen is not the news news put. It is what's trending doubt trending rates on the act to get to Justin Timberlake's comments on that scandalous photos. That came out a few weeks ago. But I have you been following this Jason Derulo Story. Those they made them take down. Instagram removed a picture of Jason Derulo. He was in Bali and he got out of a pool. Jas Jason Derulo. Yeah we should say that. He got out of a pool when he was in Bali. Somebody somebody took a picture of him and he posted posted on instagram. And if you haven't seen the picture he is in like swimming trunks and he is Let's just say on display speak And instagram yesterday finally removed the picture because they said it violated their guidelines saying it showed uh-huh too much. If I looked that good I would post that picture every day. Everywhere Yanni Tiller whereby dislike. Okay we've all seen it now at least twice. That's enough. What in the is the? I mean we're talking about is private talk amount if your private area look this is pretty as you talking about. I mean shape shred Jason. Ruta looks amazing. That picayune Um plus the fact that just the word got out the district. Why instagram took that down? Were they didn't take it down because of its stature. They took it down because because it could have been in. Any I mean just happens to be In a colossal. That's that's complain. He said there's a double standard on instagram. He saying they were saying it show. You can't be excited now. He's saying oh it's not. Aw I would like to sit down with instagram and facebook as soon as possible to expose this double standard but yes it is not what you say it is because they they will allow way when in your way more gratuitousness With women yeah because Look at World Star hip hop on the page. I mean that's how a lot of that is awesome. You know as little clothing as possible north on me guys anything about what I'M GONNA follow. I'm impressed that. Wow Jason. Ruta looks. Incredible I'm speechless. What to save Vita what is that? Is that the most excited you've ever gotten over another man's area no saying that doesn't mean you seem. I'm not talking about that. I think we writing. I didn't realize how a shred Jason Derulo is. I did not know it wasn't aware that he was that shredded but to see that. That's a small bathing suits. Where his apps he has ripped good good for him to say I mean wow a you are legitimate ice speechless picture? Says I'm sure yeah we could probably Google some things. Ason show you more vivid vivid images of that area. No it's not an what Jason Jason showing the shape that I did not know Jason Derulo was that good a shape but that's why they took it down. I mean what I'm talking about. Okay so we will give you any updates as they come in but We told you a couple of weeks ago. The Justin Timberlake was photographed holding hands with his Co Star. After a night of drinking he's filming a movie called Palmer in New Orleans and he was photograph holding hands with his Co Star. And I said this is a big deal. This is not GonNa go away and sure enough last night about ten hours ago. He said a few weeks ago displayed a strong lapse in judgment. But let me be clear. Nothing happened between me and my co star drank way too much that night and I regret the behavior I should have known better does not the example. I want to set for our son. I apologize to my amazing wife and family for putting through sectioning embarrassing situation and I'm focused on being the best husband and father I can be. This is not that I'm incredibly proud to be working on Palmer. Look forward to continuing to make this movie and exciting for people to see it so clearly. It has affected him enough. He's like I am so sorry. Sorry I just see him crying. He never post things on instagram. So I just loved the follow up because he'd look bad. Look look I got drunk. I was only. I'm sorry I didn't you know cater save that Clip Hernandez move on people. NAP never never. This is not going away so all those things are trending. We're going to let you be Justin Timberlake with the public apology. Not You Regan's against you you John J-o-h-n Q.. Listener we do it. Sometimes I mean Justin timberlake actually got the idea from us because we've been doing public apology things for a long time. And he stole the idea. We'll make the most of it coming coming up next the TJ APP is your source for streaming more show after the show live each weekday ten am eastern or download the more show after the show. podcast stay connected on the. Act G APP available to go play. ACT J. coming up. I want to hear the best thirty minutes of today's. TJ Show. Listen to Ason. TJ In thirty a podcast available on the as Tj. Show podcast on our crap available afternoon. Easter stay connected funny on the ACE and TJ available at I tunes and Google play so Justin Timberlake riggins was just talking about in What stupid trainings? Or whatever that's called it's called stupid. What is it what is called? Oh now trend stupid trainings style That you know Justin timberlake apologized sized publicly to the the world For holding hands with his Co Star Darcy. He just he had too much to drink. He was out of it he should have been paying attention. Not I'm ashamed of this Blah Blah Blah Har- it seemed heartfelt. Made sense good lennon letting them went farther than that SAS as a woman use still will say a minute ago. cheater cheater. Whatever that apology doesn't phase you at all? Now I was missing. I think it's a good apology. He was I mean he was intoxicated. He was very very drunk. He says and it didn't go past that yeah. It was just a little hand. Coding little hand knee. I mean I'm still mad at him for doing it but I would accept his apology. And Reagan's you you're still Steadfast against him yeah. We don't know what happened after those pictures were taken. They were then photographed a couple of days later in the same trailer. I'm just saying I think could it happened you. Would they do on a movie together. People are often in the same trailers. Okay if you're okay with that but In his defense she is really really pretty. Yeah Way hundred and Jessica Biel Well not I didn't look at it that closely. She's exotic looking Roya. She's gorgeous but that was a joke. Ladies it I wish he would apologize for making our jobs harder years ago with the whole wardrobe malfunction thing at the Super Bowl. That's what I would like an apology before he did didn't he. I don't know yeah. He gave an apology. I think Janet never gave one. I would also like an apology for that. Last concert of his I went to because there's a lot of that that was wasted time. It was not problematic. is where I'm going to say. What do you mean There are a lot of these instances where everybody's saying. He seems to be beloved by everybody. But I've always you know. Kinda raised an eyebrow towards them. I don't like what he's doing period. I don't think he's funny now. He's a likable. And then I think this last crisis with holding hands with your co Star listen. I think there's a pattern of behavior. Has he been accused of cheating before. Listen I mean not a pattern of behavior. It's the first time you're just saying pattern. RIGGINS HIS NOT BEING MR perfect exactly they. Everybody puts him up on the pedestal. As being Mr Perfect celebrity right and you don't think he is not at all. Here's Britney spears you know Crimea River. That's his breakout. Hit Tear her down. It's tear her down. That's what you need to do to make a success. Ask Yourself. I just think it's kind of shady and he's used opportunities to further his career at the expense of others. Yeah but you know what. That's not something when you're writing people would usually say about him. He does he gets a pass on all kinds of the right things. He's he's really great. Yeah he's no as as far as a likeable singer and all that he's no Michael boob lay. Everybody loves that has seen Michael Boob may be interviewed or anything and you can tell. He's a nice fellow he just a Canadian. That's the only bad thing..

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