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The wimbledon results from today the ladies quarterfinals so we're status for the semi's go one of the men's finished up today with del potrero simone so we'll get to that as men's quarters are tomorrow looking forward to that also world cup we know francis in who will it be will it be croatia willoughby england that game will go at eleven am pacific time tomorrow one pm my good pal david hunziker the voice of the pokes that's right oklahoma state sports david joins me throughout the year always enjoy talking football prior to the season going down because you just never know last year of course was a banner year for oak state and rightly so we expected them to do well with nissan rudolph senior campaign at the helm and of course now a member those pittsburgh steelers lot of those guys from that team making it into the next level and you know you had such depth there at that offensive line i'm just wondering how that old line is gonna look this year data the offense line may be better i think they've been able to recruiting get more deaths across the board you know that there was some depth last year but it wasn't really experience depth and that kind of reared its ugly head in a couple of times this season of course receiving core has to be reloaded the change washington gone and marcel eightman gone both in the nfl there's good young talent there there's just not a ton of experience at the outside position inside they return both the starter she had gained dillard's donor where this team will be stronger than they've been in a long time i'm not sure that there'd be many teams if any that will have four tailbacks as talented is oklahoma state happened it starts with jeff to sale but there are three other guys that nobody's ever heard of a really good so this'll look a little different i think this team's going to be as successful as it can be you know maybe nine win team top twenty team they need to be able to run the ball really effectively and i think you need to run the ball sixty to sixty five percent of the time if it goes below that you're breaking in a new quarterback here you're asking for trouble you go last year justice hill out of standout campaign nearly fifteen hundred yards and fifteen touchdowns on the ground but i want to go back to a couple of the guys that you talked about from that receiving core that will be paying at the next level and being that we are the station for raider football out here in nevada more seligman a guy that the raiders got in the seventh round i'm surprised i off that eight men was still left there he's got some good size but tell everybody a little bit about eight men and do you think you'll make it with the raider team and it's so is this a guy that in your guestimation david hunziker can play at the next level i'll be surprised if he doesn't make it doc just continued to fall and i'll be honest i didn't know why because coming out of the game against virginia tech and he really played well at the end of the year washington brazil beat up the oklahoma game and really didn't even play at iowa state marshall marshall even made so many big catches need biggie six four and basketball players so he attacks the ball kind of like a rebounder does and then for whatever reason his stock at fallen can i thought he's going to be i thought he could go as high as washington wit might be a second round guy but then he just kept dropping and dropping and i really don't know the reason that david the nfl et big strong guy can catch the ball attacks ball at its apex video some of the catch is big catches he made at iowa state attached down catchy made big third down catch a texas tech i mean and he can defeat van coverage i i'll be stunned if he doesn't make it i i really like him and i felt the same way and so there's several of these players that i've looked at that their stock may have fallen in the draft and it happened after combine stuff and and so i think just too much is put into that because there are a lot of guys that are outstanding running around in shorts and and jumping and running and you know and i just i go back and.

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