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Santa fe texas right again having another set of conversations with my children again it's can we stop with the again part now it doesn't look like we're going to be stopping with this anytime soon so let's talk about how we talk to our kids joining me on the phone professor for psychiatry tulane university school of medicine author of they'll never be the same appearance guide to the in youth dr michael scaring dr scaring thanks so much for coming on the show today thank you thanks for having me so you've been researching this right how we deal with with kids who've been exposed to traumatic events by the way i mean i i saw the number of washington post added up something like two hundred sixty thousand kids now have been exposed directly to school shootings going back to the nineteen nineties you know and then our kids when i was a kid it was things like tornado drills and i seem to remember when i was really young maybe the russians are going to bomb us drills but now it's oh you have an actor shooter in the classroom what do you do i mean that alone is a different type of stress yeah children were already exposed to trauma in so many different ways in our society through abuse witnessing domestic violence disasters car accidents and other things and now unfortunately had shoot school shootings took the list it's pretty horrific so all right so my i have a daughter in kindergarten i have a son in fourth grade and you know they're learning about active shooters and then these things happen and we talk about it and we you know we address it we don't ignore it we don't pretend like it didn't happen but we also try not to go onto long about what what are some of the keys when we talked to our kids when this happens it's not we can't pretend that it's not happening and they don't pretend that it's not happening either.

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