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So great to beat an upstate New York. Well, I can always been super exciting. For the crowd on their feet here at the Glen. Watkins land love that road course. You have a lot of action and drama. When you get down to the nitty Gritty on the racetrack, it's a really fun race track to really challenge yourself and really get out there and run hard. This is pretty unique. It's pretty special and a lot of fun. This place is packed with race fans ready to go. Hi, welcome to NASCAR American motorbikes, Nate Ryan here with Kyle Petty, Dale Jarrett, taking your phone calls, one 8 four four NASCAR NBC. Also at hashtag motor mouse, you can tweet us, got a big show today. We've got the kerchief for the hottest driver on cub series road courses, Randall Burnett joining us in segment two also coming up Mike Bagley, who will be a part of the NASCAR and NBC radio style coverage from Watkins Glen or national this weekend. But first, guys, as we head to walk in Glenn, obviously we're focused very much on the playoffs and some news today for one of those drivers who's trying to get in the playoffs, Ryan Blaney currently occupying that 16th spot. Number two in the point standings, but in the final spot without a win this year for the 2022 playoffs, team Penske announces a extension with Ryan Blaney today. So going into the final two races of the regular season, does Ryan Blaney get a little bit of security here knowing that he doesn't really have to worry about anything, not that he was worried about staying with this team anyway. But now that he's got the contract extension at Penske,

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