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We might pick on Jesse winker if we were inclined to because he's was, you know, someone who the Mariners wanted to the point of being willing to acquire a hohenzollern is contract. And it doesn't go on great so far. Not terrible. It's going to pay for Suarez. Yeah, that's true. And then, you know, part of this list drives home for me just so good. The Dodgers are because we could say Justin Turner or you could say max Monty, but you don't have to because it doesn't matter. It really doesn't. Yeah. And dull is off to a very slow start with the White Sox, 69 WRC plus not nice. Look, there are players who have hit worse than all of these players. Sure, yeah. Christian pace with the a's now. No one really expected him to hit, that is kind of his rep is that great glove, no bad, at least so far. The notepad part has certainly held up. He's hitting one 55 one 97 two 33. That's a 29 WRC plus, and he is with a new team and obviously was a big piece of a high profile trade. So I guess that's a little extra pressure, perhaps even if it doesn't come with the salary of some of these other players, but yeah, I mean, if you just sort the leaderboard, it goes Christian patches at the bottom and then Jonathan scope, Martin Maldonado. Again, Maldonado pace, these are very much glove first players who don't have high offensive expectations, so. Well, and like in Maldonado's case, again, sort of like with Turner and Muncie, what with low expectations of the bat like it doesn't matter, the Astros are just really good. That's a weird one. And I guess Bobby dalbec who was a couple of Red Sox on this list here. Might be something to that. And I'm struggling. Who knew? Bobby dalbec has a 48 WRC plus and he was a somewhat popular breakout pick because he had a great second half last year and I think when we had Zach cream and Bobby Wagner on to preview the AL east this year, they or at least one of them, there was a lot of skepticism about whether he actually was a good breakout pick and whether he'd be able to maintain that. But yeah, he has completely fallen apart thus far. Maybe we just thought he was a great breakout pick because of how baby faced he is. We were like oh, he's baby face Bobby dahlbeck, so he's got to be bound for breakout. I'm just like right now grappling with eugenio Torres is line and hey honey, I would like to apologize for the slander that I perpetrated. Not bad. But yeah, not bad. Get on base one 28 WRC plus. Well done. I take back some of the things I've said about your hair. Jackie Bradley junior, another Red Sox who has not been hitting again. Jackie Bradley, junior's not hitting okay, well, it's not the biggest shocker. Today is the day that ends in Y man, there are a lot of Red Sox in the system. Is there a lot of that looks pretty good right there? Yeah, it's not. It's not been good. They have struggled. So what we might say is that all of the Red Sox need a nightlife Trevor story tonight. Yeah. That might be helpful to their pursuits. See it will be contagious yet. Nelson Cruz. Finally, maybe. I don't know, I don't want to be on a vigil for Nelson Cruz's pat because I want it to be everlasting, but it has failed to catch fire thus far this season. He has a 59 WRC plus and he's obviously someone who is only there for his hitting. So Carlos Santana also down in the Whitmer field zone for the royals, but I guess I don't know, have you sailed Garcia with the morrowinds by marwin standards was a big free agent edition and he's down at a 62 WRC plus so far? Yeah. Jacob stallings too. Yeah, there are a couple here where they're waiting for it to click as it were. Yeah. Well, you can all sort leaderboards too, so. Yeah. We won't read all the names, but we hope that everyone gets their Trevor story game sometime soon. And you know, someone else who could use a Trevor story game, Tyler O'Neill, with the Cardinals, 63 WRC plus one 95 two 56 two 97, he's now on the IL with the shoulder impingement. I don't know how like all of his limbs are not just like impinged by his muscles at all times. It's like a muscle like a bicep impingement. He can not move his arms, but no, it worked well for him last year and it has not, so I don't know if this is like legitimately like his shoulder has been bothering him and that's not why he's hitting or whether it's he's not hitting and we're just IL him for a while, but something has not been right there and he's been striking out a ton too. The silver lining though is that tower O'Neill's absence has given way to a couple of promotions and collapse contemporaneous collapse of the Cardinals maybe second and third best prospects, right? So infielder Nolan Gorman, who has some swing and miss in his game, but also plenty of power, he'll be coming up and should be seeing some time at second base. And then pitcher Matthew liberator, whom the Cardinals got from the rays in the Randy arozarena trade, he'll be coming up and making the start on Saturday, and those guys are lifelong friends and teammates. Not only are they both 22 and from the same draft class and from the same draft round the first round in 2018, but they've been friends since they were 5 when they were in the same neighborhood coach pitch team in Arizona and then they played on travel ball teams and other programs later. Minor league roommates kind of amazing that it worked out that way. So it's cool for them and for the Cardinals. That's exciting to have two top prospects coming up on one team at the same time. That is really exciting. That's like lefty grove and Mickey Cochran, I think in 1925 they debuted on the same day for the Philadelphia athletics and went on to be Hall of Famers, of course. I don't know that Gorman and liberator will debut on the same day because Gorman might play on Friday, but close enough, not that I'm saying that they're going to become healthy, but just to have two top prospects. I'm sure if we did a little step last style search, we could come up with other examples of two really prominent at least hello very good level players debuting for the same team at the same time exactly the same time you're roughly the same time and that can be super excited because it's like it's all happening and suddenly you get to see them playing at the same time in the same lineup potentially so exciting times for St. Louis, but not for Tyler O'Neill. And we will take this opportunity to shout out Mauricio Rubio who you straight for baseball. That's right. Who was Nolan Gorman signing scout. So congrats now. All right, so let us bring on our guest. Well, we are joined now by Patreon supporter effectively wild listener, Aaron Hartman. I believe an original and OG Patreon supporter who has recently leveled up his support to the Mike Trout tier, which entitles him to join us on this podcast episode. I guess it was redundant to say Patreon supporter and effectively wild listener..

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