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Us an opportunity to respond. 'cause we can't leave it there and the point that. I'm trying to make your Kyri. You could make the argument that at times. He's tried to haul one of the reasons why because Cari is one of those people as they think. Ajay correct me if I'm wrong. He's sensitive to how stuck is going to be received and by whom at odds and so on one hand he wants to be very candid and forthcoming in another hand. He wants to guard against it. Being missed misconceived to some degree and as a result it becomes a bit challenging to him because he has to worry about the fallout from time to time. It didn't there are other times. Where he said. Damn the fallout what. He said he gets in trouble with that as well. So you gotta go back and forth. Sometimes that is a challenge for somebody that does is talking on the court and doesn't have the platform that we have and I think we have an obligation to be sensitive to that and not question. The man's intelligence because of it. I'll agree with you. I grew also says you know look. Psychologically seems like sometimes he's in purgatory he doesn't he should or should not and he's constantly balancing that line. I also say this Stephen A. The fact is fascinating to me because when he's on the court Correa's one to one right. Curry is one of one him and Lebron kind of class a little bit and leadership style. But that's why he also isolates himself. He's Kinda that's why he was attracted to Kobe right. Two of those guys are like we're talking. I think difference. They talked all the time. So I think this is fascinating because now I'm watching Kyrie degree acquiesce a little bit. And say all like I'm trying to learn more I want to spend with. Cps Help Andrea. It also helps because he knows in Brooklyn at least in the case K. D. K. D. He has K D's full support yes K. D. Is going back this brother? Katie believes not just as a player but as a person that's man that's number one number two when we get back to the MVP a all. Say this. And I'm saying this and ain't nothing that I won't say Kari's face since you're going to be involved in all of this understand equal dollars a champion. Chris. Paul is one of the greatest point guards. We've ever seen okay when folks look at. You contribute in this fashion. They're gonNA sit up there and say you sound to be Brooklyn. You'VE ALREADY MISSED THIRTY. Three Games when you. GonNa be on the court. They're going to ask those questions. I know I'm the last questions because I understand the legitimate. The injuries are legitimate. But then there's so many of them and it's like then. Are you getting that fragile? What kind of physical problems do you have that we don't know about because every week we turn around you and even though we didn't expect much from you the bottom line is they've had a better record with you without you? The is no K. D. The show stopper that you are folks to showing up to the ball. They sent a hope in the Cu Inane. See You more as much as they do. You think this big as big of a deal because I remember a couple of months ago we were talking about. Nobody cares what it's doing. They've finished in cancer care. I actually don't I think it's a wash. Would you mean I feel like I feel like this season is going to be a wide matches whole thing with Kyrie shoulder the shadows of it? Who knows it's going to be all buttons? Go ahead Max. I would refer you to the November twenty seventh two thousand Nineteen Instagram Post. Kyrie meg where he thought he was making some profound statement across in fact it was miss capitalized punctuated and and came across as an entitled. Athlete insulated. Actually from or with the kind of warped view of himself I would free. I would refer you to the the earth. It may not be round comment. Which after some controversy he claimed didn't act up national quarter or other examples. Also let me stop you. An actress question. Max We are in the business of speaking in communicating. We're not ball. Plays at least not on that level right. You haven't made mistakes. I haven't made mistakes. Other people have made mistakes with what we have written or what we have said. I mean think about all. I'm trying to say you could come to me. I know more instances than that. We're REMAI- have miserable. He made a mistake or he may have come across as a bit less lateran that he would have chosen to as we have. That doesn't mean that. There's an absence of intelligence. It could be a bad moment. That's all I'm trying to say. It shouldn't divined who e-except say no I thought thought it spoke to. I thought it spoke to the way he was thinking about things. The way he was contextualising. Things the kind of sense that he was being victimized. I agree it's tied to immaturity as the kind of NEAT. I remember as a young man wanting even now you could say Max you want people to know how smart you are so it's really there's an insecurity there somewhere but whatever that is. I certainly noticed that in Cairo. And then if you're going to be that way than when you finally do make a statement. It should be able to see boy the person who said this. There's an intelligence here. I xe yet to see that knows. Public statements from Kyrie Irving and now he's leadership position that requires thinking now. It was not a good one I went to business has shown acumen around. I got it but I'm not going to challenge you because you are entitled to your opinion. That's what this show is all about. All I'm going to say is I'm in my fifties you and your forties brothers in his twenties. I mean give him a break. In that regard I mean to sit up there and talk about an absence of intelligence. Come on Bro. He's in his twenties and he's accomplished a lot. And if you talk to the brother I don't think you would say that Kyrie. Urban is not smart. Not Maybe not. But if you're going to be the reason that's okay Stephen is because he puts himself out there. He wants to be part of his brand. He pounds his chest downs elegance. I can refer you to numerous examples of how smart he is okay. He's still young. Will you try to make mistakes? Perhaps this leadership opportunities gives them an opportunity for growth and it's up to the place and it may be something that works out for the nets and Kyrie and all the players in the NBA. As well ever been knocked down. You know suffer descent. Backfired left out it happens. It happens a Mike. Bloomberg middle class kid worked his way through college. Got A job started. A family boom fired at thirty nine. Would it Mike do or a lot of us? Do we got backup dove back in. He had an idea designer new computer able to quench data and process information in a unique way he built it. He sold it. He built more. He sold more. He built a team he built a company created. Twenty thousand jobs. Bloomberg is a doer. This is Michael Douglas. I played a president and movies. This is real world. This is our World Mike. Bloomberg has what it takes to win in the country. Find some common ground between Democrats Republicans and then lead the way a leadership. Mike will get it done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate from President. And I approve. This message paid for by Mike Bloomberg. Twenty twenty welcome back the first we are coming to you. Live from above the Heineken River. Pier seventeen seventeen. The duo James Harden and Russell Westbrook have the Houston Rockets currently in the fifth spot in the West as teams begin their push towards the playoffs in a recent article. The two stars were asked if there aren't any missing pieces for a championship arte responded. We got everything westbrook followed with. Yeah we're good all right Guys before it gets to the basketball question. I just want to say I thought the G. Q. Cover and the whole photo shoot was dove was to me a couple of pitchers of questionable. But I got admit there was some pitches with James Harden and Russell West but they will look for. I was like this and I I gotta get those outfits get those outfits they were there were looking small. I was thinking about you. Give credit where credit was thinking to myself. Damn I want those bank accounts that I have see James on a Russell Westbrook when an outfit that I wanted to wear it was a couple of photos in the I was like. Damn I got.

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