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Single social media aspect and facebook. My my instagram. Whatever you know and people actually calling me up and asking me and say thank you. I'm like thank you for. What thank you for things like. Women look looking beautiful. I'm like does not need me for that. I'm just doing my job. That's what i'm trying to do. That's what i get paid to do you know and it just it just kind of in automated people feel like they seen their coloring being right you know and i and i and i get it i get it i see it but it just like to me just like it doesn't just work. This is what i get paid to do this. What what. I went to school to do. Yeah this is what twenty something odd years in my career train me to do you know and i don't need change. Some color is completely to make them. You know and and and to make them look right because i i can't do that. Color alternate pulping to make it look decent. I mean yeah so speaking of that so because of course we have questions. We had a bunch of people submit questions. When you're applying. 'cause people were excited. I'm excited. I ran around the house and all that kind of stuff going crazy just because i was so excited. This is amazing but as far as makeup went for black panther which. I didn't mean to jump here but i'm glad you did it because it needs to be taught though this is there's no order to any of this. I'm curious about how much makeup you actually use. It seems like an every podcast episode. We talk about this whole instagram makeup phenomenon or even like a youtube where people were practically putting on as much makeup as humanly possible to execute a look. Gosh i'm like okay. You know what. I sometimes i i do. I i'm guilty. I do watch the instagram. I do watch some of the You know some of the youtube channels and things like that like and sometimes it's not sometimes because it's good and sometime because it's horrible. What could they possibly have done to to to create that. Look it just it just like a train wreck you see car accident. You just can't look away. You know and i don't use a lot of makeup. I mean it's like it's all about you know it's our thing is for me. I don't. I don't like using a lot of makeup. I like being the skin. Peter lindbergh when i shot him with janet in For the pepsi commercial. He told me the best thing for me to do is making the skin look. Flawless and the skin would never look flawless. If you cannot see their own skin underneath ooh.

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