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Wire trader of our country or somebody who served bravely and didn't get set up by Peter stroke and his partner. We'll we'll learn more. When he goes back to court in about three months to be sentenced again while sentence for the first time. Anyway, we gotta go get the news coming up next. Senator Rick Jones from grand ledge on the other side on the Christmas display and on the home. That's going to be on the lawn of the capitol. Atlantic tuned. Seven sixty WJR news, dick Hafner, President Trump may be willing to sign a short-term spending Bill to again put off showdown over border wall funding that threatened to shut down part of the government on Friday night. Bob Constantini reports. Though, it's clear. The president seems to be looking for alternatives to make sure the wall gets done each the second part of the president's meet morning tweet that will perk up ears in Washington quote because of the tremendous dangerous the border, including large scale criminal and drug inflow. The United states' military will build the wall end quote and in the face of reluctance from Democrats to provide dedicated wolf funding, the president the new White House logic that imports from Mexico will boost treasury coffers to the tune of the entire cost. The president writes Mexico is paying indirectly for the wolf through the new US MCA the replacement for NAFTA for more money coming to the US. Well, the new green has not been approved by. Congress and changes may be made before it is. Bob Costantini, the White House. Ten oh one at WJR Detroit. Planning is underway for a full and rapid withdrawal of US troops from Syria. According to the report by Barbara Starr, who says American troops have primarily been training local fighters to combat the Islamic state. There are ISIS remnants still very much on the move in Syria in the eastern part of the country. What happens to ISIS now? And to the fighters that the US has been training remains to be seen will those fighters have any support from the United States or will they be left on their own? A cybersecurity firm says hackers were able to infiltrate a European Union communication system for years. They copied thousands of diplomatic cables. Correspondent Samuel Burke says the general team uncovered in these cables from foreign diplomats was daisy the negative attitude. They call it from Trump to the European Union has created what they call a lot of insecurity. Your diplomatic cables were thought to be hacked by the Chinese People's Liberation Army. The president is hailing Senate passage of a sweeping criminal Justice Bill gives judges more discretion when sentencing some drug offenders and it boosts prisoner rehab efforts in the prisons. It also would reduce the sentences of many drug offenders currently serving time the house is expected to pass it. Michigan health officials say two more cases of a FM a polio. Like disease have been confirmed in the state that brings the total to four the latest ones involved chill room in McComb, and Ottawa counties. GM workers at the Brownstown battery plant will lose their jobs connected to the plan closing of the Detroit Hamtramck plant fifty workers getting pink slips Warren mayor Jim Fouts denies another controversial tape. It. Sounds like his voice making a disparaging remark about gays the recording was released by the website deadline, Detroit. They say was made by a former city employee filed released a written statement saying the tape. Was phony manufactured and out of context. WJR news time ten oh three. Here's Steve Courtney sports. Good morning. Once again, my friends will last night started poorly for the Red Wings as netminder Jimmy Howard hurt his back during warmups unable to go against the flyers. And then the game itself while the flyers beat the Redwings three to the Detroiters. Now have lost four in a row of five of their last six they'll be in Carolina to face the hurricane seven o'clock tomorrow night pistons busy tonight there in Minnesota take on the timber wolves. That's an eight o'clock start pistons at fourteen and fourteen gotta get a little something going on. There are three and seven in their last ten it's Pro Bowl time in the National Football League can Ratulele Darius big sleigh. He's on his way to the Pro Bowl quandary digs. Meanwhile has been named as an alternate lions getting set for the final home game at the two thousand eighteen campaign. They will host the purple people eater. Minnesota Vikings one o'clock Sunday. Our countdown getting underway at ten here on lions radio bowl season continues in college football. All the chair of Bundy, Boca Raton bowl last night. The blazers of UAB all over the huskies of northern Illinois thirty seven thirteen elsewhere in college football. Today's a big day. It's early signing day. Steve Courtney WGN sports, traffic and weather first on the fives up next. Eric Abrahamson much-maligned tight end when he was on the lions goes to the Pro Bowl with Andrew luck. And the colts WJR news..

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