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West in numbing cold, sending temperatures plunging and forecasters say the worst may be yet to come. I'm Ed Donahue. AP digital news back in a moment. Bitter cold temperatures are gripping the upper midwest. And forecasters say the worst may be yet to come meteorologist Tyler hasn't Stein. At the national weather service in Minnesota's twin cities says a large swath old feel the chill upper Great Lakes. So Wisconsin parts of Illinois and Michigan probably will have it the worst as northern Iowa. And then as you get a little bit further towards the Great Lakes into the central plains. It's likely not going to be as bad because they won't get the winds out of north dangerously cold wind chills could dip to his lowest forty five below zero in northern Wisconsin. And Minnesota and two thirty five below in parts of northern Illinois. And even colder temperatures are expected next week national weather service notes potentially historic colds possible in northern Illinois starting Tuesday following several inches of snow. Japanese whalers have been discussing plans to resume commercial. Hunting along the northeastern coasts on July. First for the first time in three decades. The preparations followed Japan's decision in December to leave the International Whaling Commission, abandoning decades-long campaigning in hopes of gaining support within the organization that's largely become a home for conservationists. The fisheries agencies says Wailers six coastal towns are to bring five vessels.

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