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There's there's resources out there there's people out there that do want to help but being safe about it so in regards to documenting be safe about at half passwords because as you've mentioned brooke it's very common for users to have so much control that they do stock. They do look to make sure that you're not looking for that escape. One of the things. We noticed on the national. Domestic violence hotline. There's actually a message up at the top that warns people. Your internet usage can be monitored so here is how you can actually clear your browser history after you've visited this website to get the phone number being careful in protecting is i. Think of the utmost importance when you're already experiencing violence in your home. Yes and There are there are ways to around it. there's incognito mode there is still still cleared but there are. There are ways to protect your browser history. a bird phone is something that i also had the very end that just allows you to kind of have another communication point or way to access information. The library is great. And the other thing that i would say. Is that before you get involved in with an abuser. You know just just no no. The red flags I think that one of the things that i would love to see. It is for us to start teaching healthy boundaries and red flags in sex ed courses in yes will because i think that the more you'll manipulators are gonna find a way you know if we all learned the red flags they're gonna figure out other ways but knowing the red flags is a huge step in being able to protect yourself from manipulative and abusive partners. I could not agree more with your suggestion of teaching these things in sex education. That's probably one of the most important places that you can learn about what's healthy and what's not is when you're young and inexperienced in just trying to figure things out that's when we should be learning these things and also remember that we are modeling behavior for our kids and so if you need an incentive to get out of an abusive relationship know that your kids are watching you and that That you can model another way for them. Thank you for listening guys. We hope that you enjoyed this episode as much as we enjoyed having brook on again we were so incredibly lucky for her to agree to do this and break all of this down with us. She's an incredible person again. Brooklyn ville dot com. All of her links will be available in mbatha. The show nuts as well as on youtube. And we'll be tweeting them and putting them on our socials as well but we really really hope that if anything comes out of the gabby petito case because it is such a has opened up a conversation about so many different things as far as racial disparity domestic violence and things like that that if anything good can come out of it maybe something can be changed whether it's via laws of the way that media handles things the way that police and law enforcement is trained to recognize situations like these so much can change but it definitely takes loud voices in a village and people willing to stand up to effect that change in order to do it so again. A huge thank you to brooke for coming taking the time to come on.

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