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I wonder how much performance abroad has to do with this kisses the Hollywood Foreign Press. And so, you know, the or not the body bodyguard, which was BBC's show picked up on that flakes. One. Richard Madden of game of thrones fame, a Golden Globe. Last night was the highest rated show in UK in the last decade. It was a huge phenomenon over there and not so much over here where it dropped on. Netflix sort of quietly, you know, similarly bohemian rhapsody has made over five hundred million dollars seventy four percent of its box office oil, which is a huge box office total abroad, and it's a huge movie overseas. And you know, Queen is a as much of a phenomenon here as it is around the globe. And so I don't know if that has something to do with it that that the sort of like broader global appeal that we maybe somehow sometimes miss outside of box office reports that we sometimes look at does that make any sense at all it does. Make sense. And I think that you know, that's as reasonable theory as any because from my perspective, and your you you brought up perspective critic like Mike like bohemian rhapsody, which I finally saw by the. Interception. Glows is demoted. Kind of wrote music by it showed us nothing. New stylistically are artistically beyond Rummy Malik, you know, big performance that so many other movies movies that were nominated the H MP recognized as some of the best of the year did show us something, you know. So it's kinda befuddling from a creative perspective. And I think from the other perspective, and this is something that I wrote about in my little wrap up the show last night was not only was he mean rhapsody, not the most certainly the best reviewed movie of the year. But quite light green book in another big success last night, even rhapsody is a movie shrouded in in controversy, particularly related to director Bryan singer who was fired from the project not further reasons having to do with sexual misconduct allegations. But those are there, and you also have green books that Cam Collins, our colleges Britain really well about has its own. Issues in terms of its historical veracity with regard to its main black character for whom her shawl e won an award playing. So it was felt as if this Press Association didn't either wasn't hip to the issues surrounding these two big winners or just didn't care, and I'm really curious. What what does it actually clash? I actually genuinely wonder if it if it is. And if we're in a kind of Trumpian like, let's let's clap back at the fake news moment with these words folks who are just feel like the woke movement has gone too far. And it's time to sort of you can imagine for instance, you could imagine at these little luncheons and dinners that they do and whatever the bohemian rhapsody team saying, look, the critics hate this. Because x y and z they're all whatever like, whatever they would say to denigrate critics, but this is a big hearted movie. This is the kind of movie that you know, like, we need in this industry these days and Rami Mao. Malek is like a great progressive hero. If you're not like totally did blinded by woke nece, and also, you know, like who are you going to believe a bunch of little critics, or you know, millions of people around the world. I mean, I'm sure that that was said, and it might be resonating at this moment in a in a weird way that that may be the moment that we're in for better or worse..

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