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Whole. Welcome Keith and the girl I'm Keith Malley Hamda. Election Day is two weeks away. Now. This is a big deal right now. Because I'm saying like it's news election is a big deal but this seems like the biggest deal in either a long time but definitely in our lifetime. I. Hear The you know a lot of people voted early. Let's see about twenty seven million ballots put in early twenty percent of the voters already voted and then they hide out. From November third to November fifth so that they don't. Hear the news coming in slowly. So that they don't get overwhelmed. They unplug all their electronics, that kind of thing. I'M GONNA do mine in person just because I want to see the feel of it. You know I wanNA know the VIBE. I WanNa know who sleeping at the front doors when you walk in I I really I think the whole process is a little exciting. I think it's not exciting. It's nerve wracking I hate the sheet it's very confusing for some reason there's always extra stuff that I didn't anticipate that I feel stupid about but I do do it I I'm GonNa do it in person because my voter places usually empty even when it's a big election and blah blah blah. It's usually empty especially in the middle of the day when I can go. So right I mean I don't WanNa confuse a situation when I say it's exciting I remember saying I like going to Costco Jim Fourteen. That's fun to you. That's fun. Fuck it. Three chicks is fun to me. I'm like I didn't know my twins were four way or costco samples. I'm just saying all things considered I enjoyed the costco samples. Let's really weird. Is I really think that's your best impersonation. You well, we talk like. We have our Wednesday parties of course, our chat rooms we play poker during it and we've been doing if you take out. Kendra or myself separately from winning the whole game, which is free to play we'll give you a shout out on this show and Chris Lear ski won the last time and he said this is the shoutout I would like. Hey everyone vote take one minute come up with your voting plan. If you haven't already as early voting started in your state, what day of the week will you vote? What time?.

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