Joaquin Phoenix, Elizabeth Warren, President Trump discussed on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!


Ban someone claiming to be actress Sharon stone was actually blank Sharon stone yes miss stone discovered she was kicked off bumble would you try to log in last week the app kicked her out because users assumed her account was fake but missed own took to Twitter to say Hey I need love too mumble bosses quickly that are back in the hopes that you would find another man to seduce and then perhaps murder bill how did Adam do in our quiz seven right fourteen points he's sixteen now and taking over the lead vandalized on all right out of it's good it's good to have rocks in a challenge how many does she need to win six the ties seven to win seven to win here we go rocks and this is for the game fill the blank on Monday former national security adviser blanks that he would provide impeachment testimony if he was subpoenaed Bolton right after pleading guilty to misusing campaign funds GOP representative blank officially resign Duncan hunter yes this week former Nissan had Charles and grown defended his decision to flee house arrest in blank in Japan right after announcing he was dropping out of the race who in Castro endorsed blank for president Elizabeth Warren right in order to help fight climate change actor Joaquin Phoenix's pledge to blank about clothes you have to say it rocks and we're holding don't make it no he said he would wear the same talk Seto to every award this season thanks to a reduction in coal consumption the U. S. two percent drop in blank emissions in twenty nineteen greenhouse gas yes on Wednesday the Oscars announced they would once again be hosted by blank no one right this week a woman in Florida.

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