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What experts by your California Ford dealers? You know, there's a really great bourbon bar that. I was but I I can't go now it's midnight. That's what was on deck for me wasn't. Yeah. Maybe tomorrow, I want more normal game. And I'll go now it's rest up and get ready for there's not expected any rain tomorrow. So you should be fine. It's nine back bed. Nine o'clock back home. Check way Jack one of those weather apps that you gotta my nine. Kentucky Derby down the road rain. The literal one hundred fiftieth anniversary tomorrow of the first professional baseball game, which is played in. Cincinnati tomorrow is the anniversary and the reds are going to celebrate that you're going to celebrate a twelve eleven win doing the throwback Younis throwback at least for the reds. The giants. We by the way, just offshore story. We asked vote about his. He said. I think the league does that. I take the first Mitch a lot. He said, so maybe. They laid in there. I was gonna take it laid it out there. He's no dummy. Stephen what's on XBox by your California Ford dealers. No one else could bring like the F one fifty with best in class going payload. That's just one reason I have series is America's best. That's what we thought.

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