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We're working. We did meet someone in the media room that was here for the Super Bowl last year a reporter, and he turned around he said, Minnesota, I remember you guys, but I was at the Super Bowl last year. And he made a mistake he stayed somehow. You know, how the Marriott the new Marietta is attached to the mall of America. Yeah. He stood across the street in a different one or something a different mirror or something. And he said I have never been so cold. All. That quotes that were left behind and stuff because it was really creepy after party someone stole all the codes or something. But no it got really cold. It was kinda thirty then it got really cold and people had to buy stuff. And then it got like a warmed up again. Anyway, all these people visitors bought codes, and then they didn't want to take him back and they left hotels. No. It was just it was funny listening to him. So it's called. Okay. So what is more interesting is my colleague here Laureen. We had something on a counter tomorrow night for what I thought was a lovely little quick interview twenty minutes with Minneapolis. Saint Paul magazine is sorta died when I agreed to this like five weeks ago in steam Marshall, I always have a sunspot for Steve Marsh because he's a did a body per story on us way way way back in the day late two thousand and one and that became a cover story on the cover of Minneapolis. Yes. Mason we've been in it. I know, but I'm just saying that was that was a cover half. And it was very very anyways. In Steve so rates. He covers music, and so he called and he said, yeah, if you could just any I know he take gathers this residency that's happening in January the Turf Club and I completely misunderstood him. And I thought he was interviewing us first story. Same about how much celebrity. How did how much celebrity interviewing and coverage has changed since when we first started on the air. TMZ progress Hilton internet for I mean. Let me. Wasn't. We didn't have anything to like look at anything. Good. Okay. It was just all starting when morning news was morning news and set a celebrity. So I got great. We're doing this quick thing. So then Lord, I thought it would then I even thought it involved. The sag words that he wanted to see, you know. I mean, I really I thought we were getting a little.

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