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A week has passed since the all hands on. Deck meeting with jeff skilling sharon walk and still can't believe that it actually worked arthur andersen said fair value is fair game and just like that one hundred ninety million dollars in losses was erased an indisputable triumph for enron. Everybody wins walk ins. Phone rings is fast out secretary. She sounds concern when she tells walk. Ins that fast out wants to see her as walk ins walks down the hallway to fast sales office. She has a sickening feeling like being called to the principal's office so she can't fathom what she did wrong and he looks up when she enters. He's frowning sit down. Sharon she can tell right away he's angry. Sharon's been brought to my attention. That you up. I'm sorry. I don't understand you don't you don't remember the other day when the guys from arthur andersen were hearing you said quote you guys are really going to let us get away with his fair value stuff. When are you going to grow some balls. You don't remember that. Watkins actually goals what she says. Next comes out fast andy. I didn't mean anything by it. I was just watching the chops. You know joe. Everyone knew it was a joke. It was it was just just shut. The he holds his hands up for her to stop fast shakes. His head looks down massages his temples. It's as if the sound of her voice alone gives me a headache. Walk ins as floor. Fastow's never spoken to her this way this you manage investments right. Well it's not your place to question or make fun of new accounting practices. Don't give a shit whether you're joking not to stick to what you know. Keep your mouth closed clear clear. Yeah i'm sorry don't happen again. Without another word. He turns back to his computer and starts typing. She heads back to her office. Walk ins feels shaken. She's convinced he's made a serious career. Misstep she'll have to figure out some way to make up for ken. Lay's private jet is in the hangar gleaming. just the way he likes it. He's headed to washington for some policy. Discussions plane stairs are lowered waiting for him. Jeff skilling stands outside the plane looking irritated. He's not scheduled to go on this trip. So seen skilling lay wonders what could possibly be wrong skilling doesn't hesitate to tell him he tells lay he knows rich kinder's resigning leaving the coo position open. That's correct late explains kinder- wanted lays job and grew tired of waiting for lane to retire. Lay doesn't say though z. Was all too happy to see. Kinder- leave after he learned kinder- was sleeping with nancy. Mcneil lays assistant turned enron vp. That's unacceptable nancy's absolute loyalty to lay was now compromised. Kinder- had been a hero once. He gave the whole company what everyone referred to as a sense of urgency with a simple phrase kinder- defined enron's high stakes succeed at all costs culture. Late trusted him above anyone else. But that was the past now. Kinder- housego skilling gets down to brass tacks. He tells lay that he's made a lot of money for enron and his time has come either lay agrees to promote him to see. Oh immediately or skilling leaves. The company lay looks at his watch. He's less than ten minutes from wheels up. And you can't afford drag this out. He also can't afford to lose skilling or the disastrous optics of two top executives leaving in the same month lay decides on the spot to give skilling what he wants skilling smiles and.

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